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Do you also go through seasons when you just don’t feel like figuring out what to put on? Or just don’t feel like over-combining all the things in the closet? Well that’s me all through the winter! The frequency of outfit posts on my blog is proportionally decreasing with that quick temperature decrease. I spend most of the days of winter wearing the biggest classics of them all – sweater/hoodie, jeans and Dr. Martens. Even though I own seven pairs of boots and around 10 coats, I wear two of each on repeat. Winter is definitely the least creative season for me. To be completely honest, trying to put on fancy outfits that consist of 10 different layers is not on the list of my favourite activities.

There will be days however, when you will want to take out that cool winter coat and gloves because March is around the corner and it’s quite silly that you haven’t worn these the whole winter. And maybe it’s all because they are such high quality and you are saving them for those special occasions. Well, everyday is a gift (said someone famous somewhere, I’m sure) and those “precious” things should be worn anytime. Even just to get some groceries!

It was mid January and 5 degrees out. Adam and I had a lunch date set up in the old town, so I decided to finally wear this coat. It’s from Patrik Haaz’s studio and it caught my eye right away, after seeing it at Fashion Live show. His fashion show was probably the biggest surprise of this whole event and I fell in love with his work then and there. When I stopped by in his showroom, planning to buy a dress to a party, I noticed the coat again. But where am I going to wear it? And when? I’ve worn it just once – pure out of laziness to ‘style up’. Nobody believes me when I say that oftentimes, I just don’t feel like figuring out what to wear.

As this coat is designed for cold and icy weather and has quite wide sleeves, these pink Pietro Filipi gloves were a perfect fit to style it with. I bought these gloves back in September. I was so excited to wear them all this time that I kind of just forgot about them. They got lost in a drawer filled with silk scarves and were waiting for the day when I find them while looking for warm socks. Pietro always has a big selection of gloves and I was planning on buying these for a long time (in red however). I got the trousers from Pietro as well and they fit me so perfectly, making my legs look like they are miles long.

When I think about this – this is my first, as well as last winter outfit on the blog! I apologise that I am quite ‘uninspiring’ in winter but I have my longest holiday ever coming up in a month and I have been mentally preparing for that for the past weeks…. And it’s definitely not “direction winter time” :).

Have an amazing day and I believe that my upcoming spring content will make you happy!



OUTFIT: coat – HAAZ, gloves – PIETRO FILIPI, trousers – PIETRO FILIPI, shoes – ZARA, bag – HAAZ, sunglasses – FENDI (



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