My name is Jana Tomas and you are looking at my own personal fashion cocktail!
Fashion has been a substantial part of my life for over 17 years now, so in February 2012 I finally decided to start a fashion blog  to hopefully inspire you, just as other blogs inspire me.
I spent 2 years working as a costume designer on the most popular Slovak TV series “Panelak” and now I work as a freelance fashion stylist, blogger and a fashion consultant.
Thank you for visiting my blog, have fun reading! 🙂

Contact: info@janatini.com


  1. Siem Bierman
    12 years ago

    Dear Jana,
    Your website looks good.
    Always nice to see more beings creating and following their own flow.
    Hope you will inspire the people around you.
    I am sure you can make it happen.
    Wishing you happiness and luck!
    Love & Light from Singapore. (Soon Shanghai again because I miss it too much;-)
    Siem Bierman

  2. Anami Blog
    10 years ago

    Som rada, ze som konecne nasla modny blog zo Slovenska na wordpresse 🙂
    Prajem ti krasny den,
    Anami, xx

    1. Jana
      10 years ago

      Ahoj, no uz dlho na wordprese nebude lebo chystam relaunch 🙂
      Krasny den aj tebe!
      J x


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