My name is Jana Tomas and you are looking at my own personal fashion cocktail!
Fashion has been a substantial part of my life for over 17 years now, so in February 2012 I finally decided to start a fashion blog  to hopefully inspire you, just as other blogs inspire me.
I spent 2 years working as a costume designer on the most popular Slovak TV series “Panelak” and now I work as a freelance fashion stylist, blogger and a fashion consultant.
Thank you for visiting my blog, have fun reading! 🙂

Contact: info@janatini.com


  1. Siem Bierman
    9 years ago

    Dear Jana,
    Your website looks good.
    Always nice to see more beings creating and following their own flow.
    Hope you will inspire the people around you.
    I am sure you can make it happen.
    Wishing you happiness and luck!
    Love & Light from Singapore. (Soon Shanghai again because I miss it too much;-)
    Siem Bierman

  2. Anami Blog
    7 years ago

    Som rada, ze som konecne nasla modny blog zo Slovenska na wordpresse 🙂
    Prajem ti krasny den,
    Anami, xx

    1. Jana
      7 years ago

      Ahoj, no uz dlho na wordprese nebude lebo chystam relaunch 🙂
      Krasny den aj tebe!
      J x


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