Manual for aesthetic: How I got rid of wrinkles and tired looking skin

Every woman will sooner or later have to deal with their first wrinkles. For some women it’s nothing, for others it can be a horror story. Even the Egyptian ruler Cleopatra, had her own and tested recipes for healthy and youthful skin, more than 2000 years ago. And as we all know, it worked! We do not however have to bathe in clabbered donkey milk or put honey on our bodies, thanks to today’s progressed technologies. The new methods on the market can bring your skin back to that glowing and youthful look and can help the skin to stay healthy and flexible for longer. The result looks very natural, if you don’t overdo it of course. 

A couple years back I realised that the time has come for me as well. Thank god I possess quite a good genetic foundation – my skin doesn’t get old as quickly as the average would suggest. During my first modelling contract in Taiwan, everyone guessed my age to be around 16, based on the stage of my skin and complexion. I was 21 though. My party lifestyle has however started to show off in Asia, when I got acne for the first time in my life. I have had acne, on and off, up to this date. I never found out why and I learned to live with it.

Wrinkles are however a completely new term for me. I was never against botox but I always thought I can wait until there is truly no other option for me. This point came back in November. My “anger wrinkle” between my eyebrows has not only built some ‘depth’ but she also decided to invite two other friends in. My forehead has started to look like one big wrinkle party that just kept inviting others in. Random people, as well as my friends started asking me why am I so angry. When this happened on daily basis, I decided to step in.

Hello botox, nice to meet you.

That’s not the only way to go though – even though this is a common thought around here. Even for me, I have never heard about any other procedures before, other than botox or mesotherapy. I also found out that a lot of you haven’t either. That is why I decided to create this brief overview of procedures that I have either undertook or am planning to undertake. 


This method is based on skin revitalisation that uses body’s own substances. A small sample of your blood is taken out and goes through a process of centrifugation. Five minutes later, the blood plasm – the red blood cells are separated, which are consequently applied back into the skin using a small and thin injection (local anaesthesia is applied before the treatment but it can hurt a little anyhow). The body is not absorbing any foreign substances this way, which is ideal in case of allergies. Nothing works better than body’s own substances and there is nothing harmful about this procedure. It is used to treat tired and dull looking faces, the loss of skin’s flexibility, discolouration or dry skin. The full result can be seen after around two weeks and it is recommended to undertake 2-4 sessions, based on the stage of the skin. You will look like you just woke up from a 3-day-long nap somewhere on the beach after the treatment. Simply fresh. 


This amazing therapy to rejuvenate the face also consists of substance injection into the skin but this time it is not from your body. It’s a fantastic solution to deal with tired look of the face, lack of hydration (which we slowly lose as we get older). It fills the face with flexibility and vitamins. I, myself, have already took a couple of sessions and I am planning to go again when the winter is over. You can start with this at any age, depending on what problem you are targeting or whether it’s just about prevention. If you have acne, you can start with this even when you’re 18. In the younger age, it’s more about prevention – you would only need around 2-3 sessions during one month, that you repeat every year. You don’t need to be scared of it! Mesotherapy supports faster rejuvenation of cells, which as we all know, is slowing down with age. So if you are 35 and you haven’t tried it, I recommend you go sooner rather than later!

You can apply Meso not only on your face but also your neck, chest or whole body and it’s actually quite amazing for problems with hair loss. Bottom line is: Mesotherapy should become a part of your life if you are in your thirties and older. Even Chiara Ferragni that has turned thirty only recently has been using it for some years now. 

You can apply both of the therapies – plasma lift as well as meso – throughout the whole year and both of them bring amazing results. After the application people suddenly look ‘well rested and glowing’. 



This term is very well known, however a lot of people still don’t know all the exact ways that botox can be used. Botox has acquired a negative stigma, as it’s linked to people who used it one too many times. They appear too unnatural and thus the general public is understandably scared of it. Botox is however a really good solution to treat first fine lines and if a professional is handling it, it can look truly natural. 

It’s usually injected in the forehead area, as other parts of the face are treated with different methods. I myself have decided, after long contemplation, to undergo my first botox session back in November last year. The application is generally very quick, it only takes a few shots. The number of these is set by the doctor at the first consultation session. You can either remove all face mimics or you can keep some, which was my case. You then wait around 2 weeks until you can see the final result. You have to go for a final check up. Everything was fine in my case, however there was one thing that quite bothered me, even though they have warned me about it. I was fighting it for a few weeks. The local anaesthesia of the muscles has logically caused that you can’t really feel them or move them. I had a bit of a constraint feeling, I had to manually move and massage the muscles. It was extremely weird feeling for me but I have now gotten used to it, plus it relaxed a bit now. Not sure if this is a common thing but I haven’t read anything about it before so maybe this is one thing that you have to count with. But it might not be present with everybody. The effect of botox lasts a few months. The exact period depends on the individual mimics of the face.

If you are under 30 and you can already see the first fine lines, don’t jump into botox right away. Start with prevention, like mesotherapy, and keep botox as your last resort – just like I did. Starting out with it at the age of 38 is, in my opinion, quite good!

An important disclaimer: always make sure to only consider true professionals that have long experience in this field. Don’t go to the first sketchy place or beauty studio, which is quite common on our grounds. You can end up with quite a weird look or even worse consequences. 


The application of acids of any kinds is quite an invasive procedure. It can change the whole face, which the Kardashians could tell us stories about, haha. Lip fills, upper lip fine lines, lines of abnormal sadness (:D), face contouring…. You can even fix a crooked nose with it. The acid can also be applied into the cheeks that can start to slowly drop either with age (around 40 years old) or after a major weight loss. It’s applied by injections on a few places and it’s quite painless. You can see the results right away.

I had a mini amount injected into my cheeks, after recommendations by my doctor – but the result was- JUST WOOW. Nobody else would probably notice the change but I saw an instant lift of my face. That’s what’s it all about – small changes, step by step, that are not as obvious. Just making you look “so fresh, so good” :). 

Hyaluronic acid is body’s own substance that slowly diminishes. So even after these sessions, the body will absorb it in time and thus it’s needed to repeat the sessions on regular basis. 


Even though the name sounds quite complicated, laser resurface is basically a fraction scrub or a reconstruction of facial skin surface by using a CO2 laser. This laser warms up the structure of the skin on a deeper level. The top layer of the skin is removed and the remaining two-thirds are affected by the heat. The cell rejuvenation starts where the skin has not been affected by the procedure. It sounds a bit scary but it’s basically just about removing old cells that are responsible for pigmentation marks that appear with age. 

As this is one of the more invasive procedures, even the recovery period takes a few days. Scars can appear after the procedure that can last for more than five days so it’s ideal to stay home during this period. It is recommended to undertake a few sessions but that depends on the intensity of the problem. It’s ideal to take around 3-5 sessions in a 3-5 week period. Winter time is the best for it, so if it’s something that speaks to you, make sure to book an appointment asap!

I was planning on having it done just before Christmas but as we all know how December is – I didn’t make it. But I plan on doing it next year!


If you haven’t heard about face lift using threads, make sure to read carefully. This minimally invasive method, using meso-threads, flexes the face with longterm effects! How you ask? Using an injection, a thread is applied straight into the cheek, chin or any other part of the body that you wish to tighten. The threads stay under the skin and create a net of fibres that consequently create collagen in the skin. 

The lines of the face are lifted and the jaw line stays perfectly tightened. There can be some bruising going on after the application – depending on the shape and depth of the skin. You can be bruised even for a week.

I have not tried it myself but I plan on doing it next winter. That is the best season for the procedure. 

There are plenty of procedures out there that you can choose from. This was just a selection of the most basic and most used ones at the Dermacenter clinic, where I have been a client for over a year. If you are not completely sure, which procedure to begin with and whether you even need one, book a consultation appointment. It’s free, if you decide to have something done afterwards. The doctor will be happy to help you and will not push you into anything that you might not need.

I have started out with meso-therapy this month and as I have a holiday planned out in a month, I am getting bikini-body ready. Dermacenter has also a number of less invasive, as well as more invasive procedures related to body issues, that they can help with. But more about that in my next blog post. You can also follow my whole experience on my Instagram in the stories. 

Have a great day!


In collaboration with Dermacenter

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