So What Is Going On In My LIfe?

Not sure if you have noticed but my last blog post was released back in March. I’ve stopped writing for some time because it somehow wouldn’t flow… Some other bigger or smaller changes have happened in my life as well – some of them planned and some surprised me. The past half a year was all about self-reflection and I have to say I am surprised with the result it has brought forward for me.

This year has started with a number of changes for me, not only in the work area. I’ve been reevaluating a lot the past twelve months but mostly I tried to balance out my working life with the personal one. For many years I did not mind being a workaholic. Work brought me joy and fulfilled me in so many ways. Don’t get me wrong, it still does! However, I suddenly found myself at a point where I was so extremely exhausted or at the “just before burnout” stage way too often. These stages started to happen more and more frequently and the intensity increased as well. There were days where it wasn’t just about not being able to get out of bed. I couldn’t even write one continuous sentence! Other days I would feel completely hopeless, without a functioning brain. These were the days when I couldn’t even edit one picture or decide on the color theme of it. To be honest, all this scared me a lot. I also started reevaluating all the client offers I was receiving and decided to cancel more than a half of them.

And so I gave space to my brain and my body. They could suddenly ‘breathe’ and I came to a realisation that to achieve something, one doesn’t have to work until burnout or just fulfil deadlines and ideas (my own or others’). Nowadays, I really try to take that needed rest while working because there is simply no other way. I mainly mean the mental rest. The brain and the mind call the shots here. It would be fucking hard without the help of these two.

Another huge decision that preceded months of reasoning was ending my collaboration with Adam. The fact that our paths have parted had however brought a new and innovative approach to both our blogging styles. A few days later, the faith has sent my way a new assistant Miška, with a passion for photography. Nowadays, she is rather my photographer than an assistant though. We work so well together! I still do the edits, as well as art direction myself – that is, at the end of the day, a signature of any blogger. But we have clicked well together quite fast, which was also a very nice surprise.

The third significant point that I kept debating in my mind for months was the content of my blog. It didn’t bring me joy to write purely about fashion anymore. Even though my blog does have some lifestyle content from time to time, the foundation have always been the outfits. However, to write about color or pattern combinations suddenly felt so… unnecessary. Fashion is and will of course always be a huge part of my life. I still strongly believe that the way we dress can transform our whole lives. But with other events starting to appear in my life, it felt a bit non-essential.

I kind of got stuck in one place until I made that decision of which way to take – with so many unpublished outfits hanging on my hard-drive.

So what’s next?

My blog will still breathe fashion but it will now bridge over to lifestyle mainly. There are some topics unrelated to fashion that I would love to touch upon. Topics, where I feel a bigger need to write about, than about combining polka dots with stripes. I personally have gone through a significant lifestyle change last year, about which you can read more about in the first episode of My Body Diary. The second or any other episodes had to be put on hold due to a tragic life event that majorly affected me. I will write about that some other time…

Anyway, I am back! I finally feel like I can breathe again and I finally feel the need to ‘put the words on paper’. I still need some mental rest but I am more or less ready and I hope you are too! 🙂

You know what they say… Sometimes we have to reach the rock bottom of our own strength to finally figure out who we are, where we are heading and what we want to pass along to others.


Photo by Adam Suchanek, dress designed  by me

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  1. Petra
    2 years ago

    A kde pracujes, prezradis nam?
    ..lebo blogovanie a instagram nie je praca…

    1. Jana
      2 years ago

      A co to podla Teba je?


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