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I woke up super early to a very loud storm and my idea of a pool side morning has immediately vanished. Two hours later I got up, grabbed my laptop and a card to download our footage from the previous day and walked barefoot to the kitchen to make myself hot dogs for breakfast (yep, hotdogs. Festival mood! Duh.)

Low pressure and alcohol residue form the night before has caused the boys to wake up around noon, so we hit the festival right about 3pm. It took us a long time to think the outfits through. They took it quite lightly with their canvas jackets and Novesta sneakers, I went for my rockstar booties to be safe in the mud.

The second day of Pohoda was definitely the most intense out of all. When we got to the festival, Katarzia was playing on the main stage. I wan’t really familiar with her, but I couldn’t possibly imagine a better artist playing on this hot after-the-storm afternoon. People just chilling everywhere, with her voice floating around in the most magical atmosphere ever. I spent an hour or so shooting street style, munched some snacks and waited until Birdy came on. She was actually the artist I was looking forward to seeing the most – I have been listening to her albums on repeat for months now. To my surprise not many people know her here, so it wasn’t that hard to get to the front row and snap some good pics. We sang, we danced, we cried .. it was pretty emotional and it was definitely my most intense experience of the whole festival.

Another thing from my bucket list. Check.

The dancing worn us out so we went to grab some dinner. I have to say I was pleseantly shocked by the selection of the food sector. There was pretty much any cuisine you could think of and even the well known snacks such as hot dogs and burgers were done in ways I’ve never seen before. Those were my faves, the boys went crazy for the Gonnsuke ramen. While filling our bellies we met Kristina Farkašová – Slovak actress & a supermom to twins! She pulled out this uber cool iPhone cover – isn’t it da bomb??

(it says: “I gave birth to the Pohoda logo, what did you achieve??” Lol. She did. Love her.)


By the time we got back, Solange was banging it already on the main stage. The crowd was way fuller, but less excited. She had a magical voice and perfect choreographies with her fabulous-looking dancers, it wasn’t however exactly what I expected at night (or maybe we were just too far from the stage to experience the full excitement of the concert). Nevertheless, a minute later started pouring rain and we had to rush to the first tent to hide. I pulled out my fringy leather jacket and along with my booties and a hat I was safe (where as boys can’t really say the same thing, lol) Maybe it did not look like it, but the first quality I wanted my outfit to have is comfort and practicality.  Crop top and meshy skirt for the heat, boots for the mud, hat for the sun & rain and my hidden jam – the jacket. Always stash your backpack with an extra layer. It will pay off!


The end of the night belonged to the silent disco. Dance around with headphones was the first for me, lol.

Needless to say more, it was a day full of amazing experience that I still can’t get over!

To be continued ..





OUTFIT: croptop – Zara, skirt – Lindex, belt – BCBGMAXAZRIA, backpack – NYMPH, necklaces – Pull&Bear



In case you missed the post from day 1, click HERE ! 🙂

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  1. Lena Shanghai
    5 years ago

    I love this post! The photos especially take me right back those magical moments I’ve had at Fusion Festival. Also this song is just beautiful! <3

    1. Jana
      5 years ago

      Thank you babe!!! xxx


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