My first Pohoda.

Actually, my first festival. Ever.

Hard to believe? I know. I can’t even count how many articles I wrote about festival fashion, yet I have never been to one. … but this year is the year! Tadaa.
I wouldn’t say I’m a festival type, but I was always intrigued by it’s atmosphere. When you meet someone after they have returned from a festival, they are in clouds .. they are happy, calm and full of amazing experience. My friend Viola told me last year: I’ll take you next year. You have to go. The atmosphere is like no other. Your only concern during those three days is what concert to see next and what culinary food stand to munch on.
And that was it.
The expectations were huge. Thursday came by quick and I was on the way to Trencin right after my lunch meeting.
Let’s get one thing clear …  the fact that I spent three days in Pohoda doesn’t mean I slept in a tent! Honestly, I have never slept in a tent and I have no intentions to. I guess I don’t have balls to do so. It doesn’t not look appealing to me at all and the vision of waking up in a cold wet morning with no possibility to jump into a hot shower right away is my biggest nightmare. I’m a pussy. I know. Oh well.

Luckily (for all of us) my buddy Jozef is from Trencin (or Trenchtown as we call it), so we based ourselves there.
Pool, shower, bed .. all that jazz. Lame. I know.
Hey, but all the peeps that did camp at Pohoda have my biggest admiration. Hands down.

As any stylist and a blogger would do, I spent several days preparing my outfits. Festival fashion has always been one of my favourites and finally I got to put it into a practice. The weather was borderline tropical but everyone knew that the night will be a bit chilly. I decided to put together a long dress with sleeves, jean shorts and a crop top. I bought this dress about 3-4 years ago and they already had their 15 minutes of fame on my holiday in Morocco (see HERE). Naturally I was inspired by Coachella, Californian music festival that sets trends of festival fashion a year ahead.

I rolled the dress down over my belt until the sunset and put it back on for the evening. There was one thing though that everyone asked about – my boots! Everybody thought I must be super hot in them .. but actually as the sun went down they were the perfect protection from the mud, broken glass and a scratchy grass. They even saved me during the storm the following day! In case they look familiar to you, they are the low-budget alternative to the Chloe Susanna booties I have been wanting for a couple of years now. These though are better for the mud!

Our first day of Pohoda was pretty much about soaking in the atmosphere, meeting friends we haven’t seen for ages, getting to know the stages and making plans for the sick line up the next day. The sunset was just magical! We had a ultra special hot dog with a glass of dry white on the side .. and rolled back home.

To be continued tomorrow …



ME: dress – Zara, croptop – Zara, shorts – Zara, belt – H&M, backpack – NYMPH, necklaces – Pull & Bear, hat – F&F, booties – Deichmann, sunnies – Lindex
JOZEF: T-shirt & shorts – Zin Zin, sneakers – NOVESTA, sunnies – Italia Independent, backpack – Nosene



Click HERE to read what happened the day after ! 🙂

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  1. Rose Tascher
    6 years ago

    Jsem ráda, že nejsem jediný člověk, který fakt nemá rád spaní ve stanu a vyhýbá se mu, jak jen může 😀

    1. Jana
      6 years ago

      aj ja! 😀 a velmi obdivujem vsetkych, ktori sa na to daju 🙂

      1. Jana
        6 years ago


    2. Jana
      6 years ago

      Ani neviem, či by som to vôbec prežila a vôbec sa za toto priznanie nehanbím 😀


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