What To Wear To a Ball

The ball season has officially kicked off with tonight’s Opera ball – and with that comes my favourite activity of reviewing the outfits of invited guests. It’s always pretty entertaining to watch who did really well, and who – let’s say – not so well. I had my own little ball in December when shooting this second fashion story in Michalska cocktail room.

There is many types of balls – from the super pretentious high-end ones to the more freestyle-ones. The Opera ball (here in Slovakia at least) is the top of the top. Many people often struggle what to wear, and very often fail. They are not so familiar with the etiquette and underestimate the dress code, which is a big mistake in this case! I myself like to break the dress codes form time to time, but I would never do so in such event. You should always follow what is written on the invite and never underdress. Even overdressing is a faux-pas (it’s like showing the hosts that you are something more than them). Dress code on the invite always applies to the men’s outfit and woman’s matches it.

ME: Dress – MICHAELA LUPTAKOVA, Diamond Necklace – ALO DIAMONDS, Ring – SWAROVSKI (, Shoes – TOPANKOVO   HIM: Jacket, Shirt, Tie &Shoes – SUITSUPPLY, Trousers – FRACK&Co


You can find these types of dress codes on the invites:


It’s the most formal dress code and for men, it consists of a black dress tailcoat worn over a white starched shirt, marcella waistcoat and the eponymous white bow tie worn around a standing wingtip collar. Tell your man should leave the watch at home, only the chain watch is allowed.

But let’s talk about you, ladies!

This is the time of the year to shine bright like a diamond and wear the most amazing gown of your dreams. It doesn’t mean looking like a walking cake, or a giant Elza! You should wear a beautiful floor-lenght gown, possibly with tail. If shoulders exposed or the cleavage is lower, wear long gloves. Always wear real jewellery, never cheap accessories! Evening strappy sandals are the perfect match for this look and so its a tiny, elegant clutch (the smaller the better). Don’t forget to have a perfect manicure and pedicure and hire a professional to do your makeup and hair. You want it to last trough all the dancing till dawn!


When reading this on the invite it means that men should wear a tuxedo. My photographer and also a blogger just wrote an article about it here. Here is a slight space for experimenting with fabrics and styles – another great series of articles by Adam here.
Ladies also wear a gown, but it can be a slightly bit “simple”, or more “relaxed” should I say. As for the rest – the same rules as above apply here as well.  Your dress should be made out of quality materials, real jewellery, perfect hair and makeup. What is definitely not allowed in both cases is inappropriate cleavage. see-through dresses (as favoured by som Slovak celebs, haha).


This is the type of dress code that you see on invites to a not-so-high-end event and you can be more relaxed about outfit, although sill be elegant. Your stronger half should wear a dark suit, a white shirt (always) and an elegant tie matching his skin type and style, rather than your dress.
Your outfit can be either a gown or a knee-lenght dress, but my suggestion is to go for the gown! When, if not now?

ME: Dress – MICHAELA LUPTAKOVA, Earrings &Bracelet – ALO DIAMONDS, Shoes & Clutch – ALDO  HIM: All – SUITSUPPLY

ME: Gown – VERONIKA HLOZNIKOVA, Diamond Earrings & Bracelet – ALO DIAMONDS, Ring – SWAROWSKI (, Clutch – ALDO  HIM: Jacket, Tie, Shoes – SUITSUPPLY, Shirt – KARL LAGERFELD, Trousers – Franck&Co

ME: Dress – MICHAELA LUPTAKOVA, Diamond Ring – ALO DIAMONDS, Earrings – SWAROVSKI (, Shoes – Gianvito Rossi, Clutch – ALDO  HIM: All SUITSUPPLY

This was a short manual what to wear to a ball. Dress code is not the only thing though that you should be aware about – the etiquette and how you act at the ball is just as important. Don’t forget that a lady never pours herself a drink and in fact all the food and drinks are what men are in charge of the whole night. Never fix you r makeup at the table and as tempting as a free booze can be, don;t get hammered! No one will remember your Valentino gown if you’re lying under the table drunk at 2 am. It takes practice I know, but try your best, haha!

To be honest with you I have never been to ball in my life. But these fabulous gowns by Slovak designers are definitely worth making itto my first one! What do you think?



(Edit by me)
Styling Assistant – RUDKO STASTNY
Model – Laco Machovic / Charlie Brown

(The best and the most beautiful bar in Bratislava <3 )


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