Picnic in Vineyards

Travelling and wine go very much hand in hand in my case. This combo has reached a brand new level last Spring when I got invited by Prosecco Tognon to Valdobiadenne – a part of Italy where prosecco is made.

Picnic in vineyards? Anytime! When Eva – one of the owners of Prosecco Tognon – invited me for this amazing trip, I did not hesitate one minute. I’ve never been in that part of Italy and never experienced a picnic in such location. Since I wanted great photos from the trip I took Adam with me and together with a food blogger Daniel ( @cojebratislava ) and Jana – an editor from Emma magazine, we took off on a fun road trip.


We decided to go by car. Not only it’s more economical for four people but also we wanted to stop by in Slovenia on the way back. We got to drive the BWM 6 Gran Turismo – which is basically a living room on wheels. Huge, comfortable, fast and sexy!

After 8 hours of driving we have arrived to to the hotel. Eva and Davide – her husband, have picked us up and took us to Alano di PIave to a famous pizza place. Guys I’m telling you, it was the best pizza I’ve ever had! My pizza was done before Daniel finished shooting his instastory, haha. It was insanely yummy. Wow!

Day two was quite busy. Prosecco tasting, trip to vineyards with a dreamy view, the picnic… It ways actually raining the whole morning and we were kind of bummed about it. But then the magic happened and just as we took off to the vineyards, the sun came out. We had literally one of the best experiences of our lives. The prosecco was flowing and we stopped counting bottles after number 5. Lying in the grass with a scrumptious taste of ultra dry prosecco in our mouth, watching the clouds to pass by… Dreamy, isnt’t it?


The story of the Prosecco Tognon couple is very interesting. It’s actually a beautiful love story of a Slovak woman, meeting a handsome Italian young man on her holiday. Their relationship started as a work relationship at first and the love came later. Now they grew to be a family business since they recently had a child. They still manage though to make a fantastic prosecco, organise picnic and trips and arrange everything to the last point. Vineyard tour, picnic, restaurants, local bars, or dessert tasting in the next village… Simply anything you want, all you need to do is to show up!

If you desire a new kind of experience or looking for the most romantic Valentine’s gift  – I highly recommend this! You can find all the info HERE.





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