Janatini Turns into a Lifestyle Brand!

I have been asking myself this question so often over the last year and the last few months at home allowed me to clean up my thoughts, listen to myself and my intuition.

I realised that I want to make Janatini a brand, whose portfolio includes things that evoke pleasant feelings in us. I’m not talking primarily about fashion, although it will naturally be a big part of not only the first collection.

By Janatini will be about all things comfortable, beautiful… About things that raise our serotonin a few levels higher to make us feel good. About things that make us happy. Because when we are happy, we also make others around us happy. And that’s what we all want.

The final concept of the whole brand came to me during quarantine. Although it was a very challenging period for all of us, it propelled me a long way forward. I had a lot of time to think, listen to myself and my own needs. This brought about the individual products which launched my brand. Each of them has a special place and meaning for me.

The Janatini brand is inspired by travel. Just after returning from a journey I absorb a million stimuli, I also have a million ideas. Subsequently, I process them and use them in my work. In my brand too, travel was my main inspiration for the first collection, especially my favourite island of Santorini. Its colours, vistas, places, the wind in my hair… If one location was to embody happiness for me, it would be Santorini. And that’s exactly what my first collection is called.


From all the products in this collection, I decided to launch my brand with “Janatini” overalls. When you wear them, you feel like you are being greeted by a warm sea breeze. The great quality 100% viscose caresses your skin in a way you do not want to stop.

The primary idea was to design comfortable, chic pieces in which you can spend the whole day, whether you are lying on the couch at home, going to the store to buy groceries, or for lunch with friends. The fashion is founded on quality and natural materials imported from Italy.

The brand will not be just clothes, it will also be other things to make you happy every day. Surrounding yourself with beautiful things creates the opportunity to enjoy the little and ordinary things. It’s like a constant dose of serotonin to your body. Because happiness is here and now.

In ordinary things!

From today, I will gradually present the individual products on the @byjanatini

instagram account. Follow it so that you don’t miss anything.

The official sale starts on SUNDAY 30.8. at 8pm on



Photos by Gavulka

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