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My home is my castle. In quarantine it was doubly so.

I created my “Housing and living” project as soon as I moved to Bratislava and started furnishing my 2-bedroom apartment. Only here can I really choose what kind of furniture I have at home, how it affects me, and whether it satisfies me visually and practically. As my apartment is also my studio, it took me a year and a half to finally complete it. Even if I know it’s not yet finished, it will certainly satisfy me for some time to come.When furnishing an apartment, you have to choose the style you want to go in for right at the beginning. For me, the visuals and practical use are equally important. I must confess this was my first own home design and, after a year and a half, I am finally 80% satisfied with it. I don’t know if it will ever reach 100%. As you surely know, there is always room for improvement.


The living room is the heart of every apartment. When I started furnishing it, it still had my old white couch. The first thing I ordered was a set of photos that you see on the wall – a Collage kit from the American blogger Tezza. It consists of 150 travel prints, which she photographed with her husband, primarily in New York. It was love at first sight, but the most common question from my Instagram followers is – how do the photos stay on the wall? Tezza claims that she glues them with ordinary tape, but that could damage the prints. I attach them using UHU rubber. So even if they fall off after months, I will just stick them up again.
Before Christmas, I outdid myself and ordered a bunch of furniture. I waited for the couch for almost 2 months, but it paid off. It is not only beautiful, but also surprisingly comfortable. The couch was soon joined by a carpet and a lamp.
This was something new for me – as I have no ceiling lights! Doing a photo session of the apartment for Eva magazine forced me to finally order one, so the living room finally became perfect (at least for me) in February. Another curious piece of my living room is this retro radio, which I got as a moving in present. I immediately fell in love with it and turned it (surprisingly!) into a bar. The radio works and it plays records. Yet the sound is not perfect at all, so it’s more of a prop, huh., COLLAGE KITTezza, SIDE TABLESJysk, CARPET – Westwing, LAMP – Westwing, SMALL LAMPS – IKEA, VASE & TRAY – HM Home



It all came about quite spontaneously in December before my Christmas party. I needed to cover the unflattering kitchen, as it’s connected to the living room. So, I placed a curtain in the middle of the room to separate the kitchen from the living room, and a bar counter in the other half.
I used to long for a real vintage table and chairs in the mid-century modern style. After counting it all up I decided to save a few thousand euros by finding cheaper alternatives in our furniture chains. The curtain is a great option instead of a solid wall because I can change it at any time. When you’re taking a lot of pictures in the apartment, every variation counts.



This has been my dream ever since I have lived here. I always thought how complicated and expensive the bar would be to build, until I was shaken out of this misbelief by a friend who got it together in 2 hours the day before the Christmas party. He used boards from his uncle’s workshop which had no further use, and I just bought brown chipboard and shelves for the other side. It all cost me less than 100 euros. Every time I put my coffee on it, I shake my head at how easy it was to get together in the end. It also has shelves stacked with boxes, so it offers a lot of storage space.
The bar stools go together with the dining chairs, even though they are from different manufacturers. One of my favourite combinations is brown and pink, not only for home design, but also fashion.

BAR STOOLS – Westwing


The bedroom underwent a transformation last year in the form of a coloured wall and new paintings. I was considering such a strong colour shade for a long time and now I am thinking of changing it again. In winter, paintings by Desenio were added to the wall. Choosing them was a labour of love and putting them on the wall was a real labour too. In the end it was worth it, like frames, their content can be changed at any time, which is great. I’m still missing a lot of things there – an armchair, chest of drawers, carpets… Well, but the bed is great, and that’s important. I’ve had it for 9 years and I still get a perfect night’s sleep.


THE KITCHEN is not to my liking yet and the bathroom is micro-sized, so I will not show you those. The apartment is in a constant process of change when photographed. I keep adding or changing things. I buy accessories non-stop, so this home series will definitely have frequent sequels 🙂

I will always try to list the stores where the things came from. And since you often ask me about it, here you will at least have a place where you can always find everything.


Photos by me for Eva magazine

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Posted on September 11, 2020

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