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It’s been a while since I’ve done a beauty and skin care post. I didn’t really care about the skin care products till the age of 30 – there was a makeup remover, skin tonicum and a cream. Any cream. I was living in Asia then and always struggled to find a cream suitable for my skin type and also one that wasn’t whitening.
Luckily I don’t have that problem now and there is plenty of products to choose from. Thanks to my job of a beauty editor and a blogger I get to try out a lot of skin care products. This is a selection I use daily, they work perfect for my skin. So if you have a mixed type skin with a bit of acne here and there, most likely they will work with yours too.



This is the first moisturizer that for me has the prefect balance between the hydration effect and it’s key ingredients. It has anti-wrinkle benefits, brightens the skin and it leaves the skin super hydrated and not too oily nor too dry, as some creams for problematic skin do. My top choice.


janatini-kozmetika-6 janatini-kozmetika-7

I’ve discovered this magic potion at a launch event of Declare in Slovakia. I’ve met the founder of the brand and I have to say he was very impressive. He explained how he founded this company and how Declare was the very first brand, that revealed the key ingredients in their creams, which was quite groundbreaking. It is specifically made for sensitive skin (which is generally not my case), but I use it after a stressful day, when my skin is all tired and red after shooting and using a ton of makeup up (not everyday, but it does happen). After a day like this I come home, take a bath, put on cocoa butter all over my body, put on my uber fluffy bathrobe and with a towel on my wet hair a lie down, put my feet up, put this fluid all over my face and neck and read Vogue until my legs are completely out of blood 😀 Then I stand up, put on a face cream and dry my hair. This is my anti–stress routine that I practice 2-3 times per week. Something like a home spa 🙂



I have discovered this eye contour serum about two months ago. Until then I had no idea, that there are other products for this area other than eye cream. It has a similar texture to the previous serum and you apply it not only under your eyes but also on the eyelids. It’s supposed to be a base under your eyer cream but to be honest, mostly I use only this. Somehow I feel like it’s enough (or maybe I’m wrong 😀 ) You feel instant relief a hydration (and I mean you really feel it) and the skin becomes more tight instantly. It’s one of my favourite products ever. Morning and evening. Every day.


janatini-kozmetika-3 janatini-kozmetika-8

This fantastic face mask, made out of the water and mud from the Dead sea, is great for oil-prone skin. Not only it fills the skin with so much needed minerals, but also reduces blemishes and detoxifies the skin. I use it once a week, but if the pimples decide to have a party, then I apply it directly on them and leave it over night. Not sure that’s correct, but it works 😀 Sometimes they really drive me crazy!


So this is my skin treasure basket. I have been using all the products for months, so I can honestly say, how exactly they work and react with my skin. They don’t necessarily have to work with yours , but if you have the same skin type big chances are they might. If you are not sure, ask for a sample at your store, they should provide it (if not, change the store). There are more product I use, but didn’t want to throw them all in one post 🙂 This are the basics.

Have a great weekend!

Love, Jana xx

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Posted on September 9, 2017

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