My Daily Skincare Of This Season

The older I get, the more I worry about my skin. I can see the ageing process speeding up year by year, ever since I moved back from the humid air of Asia back to the dry european air. More so I suffer from acne and it really does drive me crazy sometimes. Thats why I try to take care of my skin the best I can.

One of the fantastic parts of my job is to be able to test nearly every single cosmetic product. This way I have a chance and time to find exactly what works for my skin and what’s even better – I get to share it with you!

My morning and evening skin care rituals are obviously different. I change brands every 3 to 6 months and since my skin isn’t exactly easy going, to find the right product can be a real challenge. After trying dozens of products this is my top list:


I rince my face 3x with cold water and use the Clinique 3 steps soap for oily skin for cleansing every 2 to 3 days. On days I don’t use it I clean my face with face water with argan oil. Before applying the cream, I use White Tea Miracle Drops by Tealogy. These miracle drops for face and neck with white tea infusion are literally the “elixir of youth”. I work the serum into the skin and lightly dab it in. The skin is smoother and hydrated in seconds and ready for the day cream. That one is also my Teaology – Ginger Tea Energising Aqua Cream to be exact. It’s extremely light, soaks wight into the skin and keeps it hydrated all day without leaving a greasy film on the surface. That is the number one factor when buyin a cream for summer. No one wants a greasy face and make up running down! lol. What’s best about Tealogy though is that it delivers a great protection against oxidative agents responsible for aging (or 4 wrinkles out of 5!) and is free of parabens, paraffin, mineral oils, artificial colours and other things we don;t want our cream to have. Bingo!


My evening ritual is naturally different. I use an oil-based exe make remover and a cleansing foam for my skin (more about that HERE) I have been using the foam for months now and not only it’s faster to remove make up, but also it saves me at least 5 cotton pads (imagine the ton of waste produced just by make up removing per month!). After the foam I use the argan oil face water and Im ready for the next step.

As first I apply an eye cream. I dab the Nuxellence Eye Contour by Nuxe into my eye area either with fingers or with the decongesting massage applicator (btw I use it in the morning too). After I work 3 drops of Midnight Recovery Concentrate by Khiel’s into my skin and neck area and massage it in for about a minute. I’ve discovered this product in a forgotten bag I received at the opening of their flagship store in Bratislava. How could I!

The elixir is 99,8% natural product and you see the effect right the next day: the skin is super glowy, smooth and looks rested, even if it isn’t. For real.

My second best discovery I am really proud of is Anti Aging NIght Serum Nuxellance by Nuxe. It’s results are very similar to the Khiel’s serum, but it’s even more hydrating. It rejuvenates and dotoxifies the skin and leaves is fresh and radiant and the effect gets stronger the longer you use it. Combining these two products leaves my skin super glowy in the morning, looking well rested and ultra velvety. Now I wish I would have discovered this combo sooner than a month ago. Apparently it takes about two months for a cream to really take an effect – which in this case seeing results now I can’t wait for whats going to happen in another month!


I’m obsessed with masks. I have use two types – for hydration and to reduce acne. I several of them – some are good, some are amazing and some that I swear by:

Pure Balance by Declare contains healing caolin that regulates the production of sebum while refining your pores, which stops them from becoming clogged. After it’s use the skin is softer, more matte and the spots are way smaller and less visible. I appy it at least once a week and I do get amazing results with it.

Another great mask is Express Firming & Smoothing Mask by Juvena. I fell in love with sheet masks back in Asia about 10 years ago. You could get them anywhere and even the cheaar once were really good. I love the easiness of their application and the fact, that you don’t have to do any washing. I just eave it on and after it’s time I massage the residue of the liquid into my face, neck and decolte. After that I wait about 10 minutes to see if the skin is asking for more cream and apply it accordingly.

This one by Juvena erases fine wrinkles and deeply hydrates. That’s exactly what you need after the age of 35! It’s supposed to be applied once a week, but since being a little pricey I think even bi-weekly will do it’s trick.

These are my routines and products I swear by. No need to remind that beauty really comes from the inside, but it’s good to support it also from the outside. We don;t realise it in our 20s, but all those parties, sleepless nights, cigarettes and cosmopolitans come up on the surface after the age of 30 😉

What also can do wonders with the skin is giving up sugar. I have done it 10 years ago due to medial reasons and I had a face of a 12 year old. But it was literally no sugar: no fructose, no glucose, no lactose. Nada. It was hell fro the first two weeks but the results were amazing and I had a ton of energy!

Maybe that could be my next personal challenge …

Have a great weekend loves!


Photo by Jana Tomas

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