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They say that once you visit Bali you never wanna leave. I did want to leave (coz I love my life and work here), the island did it’s magic tho and I do wanna keep coming back. There is still a lot to discover! I am very blessed and lucky to have good friends that live there and helped me to get an accommodation and explained me to get around. You can find great deals also on and if you find a deal on the ticket too, book it and go!
Sunshine, friends, relax, good food and fun. That an ideal holiday and thats exactly what mine was like. The most important thing is to get a mental rest and get a find a new inspiration (especially when you work in a creative field like I do). Thanks to that I have created some great new projects that I am super excited about and I hope you will be too! 🙂

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Next stop: HONG KONG

All pictures are mine / Všetky fotky sú moje

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