Taking Care Of Skin After 30

Taking care of your skin gets more intense with age. After 30 you no longer should use just the over-the-counter creams, now it’s the time to think about the anti-age prevention and go for skin treatments . I pay a special attention to those, as I have a problematic skin. I am very picky with the salons – I always check how they treat the customer and what cosmetics they use. 

Recently I came across a Dior Instutut in Bratislava – the only salon in central Europe that uses exclusively Dior Products only. I went for a cleaning procedure, as I have to do this twice a month. The whole process is a bit different – first you have some tea upon the arrival, then you change into a super comfy bathrobe, you lay down and no one is rushing anywhere. The cleaning treatment itself is a bit hardcore, as always when you have a lot of breakouts, but then during the 20 min mask period I managed to fall asleep (which never happens). At the end of the whole treatment the lady put some Dior makeup on my face, so I were actually leaving even more beautiful than when I came 😀 

If you care about your skin and you are willing to invest in it (which at the age of 35 and above should be automatic), this is definitely a place for you!

Love, Jana xo

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In collaboration with
Institut Bratislava – Dior, Michalská 7

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  1. Viki C.
    6 years ago

    Super tip. Určite v budúcnosti využijem. 🙂
    Victoria’s secrets

  2. Daniela
    6 years ago

    A koľko to stálo? Len tak zo zaujímavosti?


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