Singapore Snapshots

Those who follow my instagram know, that I just came back from my Asia trip. For those who know me personally know, that is was very much needed vacation not only due to too much work this year, but also due to missing out on Summer 2015 due to my health issues and time spent in bed or in a hospital.

The thought to take this trip was instant – one day I was laying in bed extremely exhausted, I couln’t imagine waking up the next morning. I called my travel agent. Booked a ticket. Baam. Done.

The route of the trip was Singapore – Bali – Hong Kong. I spent 10 years in Asia, so this continent is technically my second home. I’ve decided to visit places where I have friends (which is pretty much, after 6 years living in Shanghai, almost every city in the world, ha).

Singapore trip was 3 days long and I have stayed with my friends that live there. It wasn’t my first visit, this city is very charming and offers pretty nice views, a beach, great food and fantastic shopping. There were no plans really on what to do those 3 days, we were just happy to see each other and just went the flow. My priority was to spend the first day by the pool and get some sun. Sun for me is an essential part of maintaining a good health (physical and mental), so I tried to get loads of it.

We walked around, met some of their friends, tried to beat the jet lag. I made a trip to the hipster shopping area with all the cool shops and where even famous Slovak sneakers Novesta are sold! I haven’t actually taken that many photos, as we had a beach day planned out on a Saturday and thought I would make all my outfit pics and beach photos there …. but thanks to the massive rain we had to cancel and stayed in, watching TV and having a last drink before I take off in the morning.

Next stop: BALI


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All photos by me

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  1. Viki C.
    6 years ago

    Tak toto sú jedny z najkrajších fotiek z dovolenky. 🙂
    Victoria’s secrets

  2. Lucy
    6 years ago

    Wow perfektne Jani a velmi inspirativne, hned mam chut odletiet do nejakej prijemnej destinacie za slnieckom a morom, super 🙂

  3. Dominika
    6 years ago

    krásne fotky, Singaupur môže byť naozaj zaujímavý 🙂


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