24 Hours Of My Life Captured On Zenfone Max

About a month ago I got a chance to test the new Zenfone by Asus. I already tested one a year ago and I really liked it (especially the camera!) This i’time it was their new Zenfone Max and I had a week to get to know it well. It took me a couple of days to get used to it, which is quite normal since I am a long-term iPhone user. This piece compare to the last one has a new, stronger battery. It can last 38 days in stand by mode and it’s so strong, it can charge other devices via USB! I charged it only twice during the week I had it – with a daily use.
They’ve stepped up the camera as well. It’s 13MP and it has an ultra fast laser autofocus aaaaand with f2,0 you take amazing clear photos even at night.

Camera is a function I have used the most and I have captured 24 hours of my working
day on it!

THE ALARM. Too early for me! Help. 🙁janatini-zenfone-max-1
FIRST MEETING OF THE DAY – Novesta Officejanatini-zenfone-max-2janatini-zenfone-max-4 janatini-zenfone-max-3
VARSITY PROJECT – picking up accessories for a shoot for Break magazine. Chat with the boss about new stuff they got in the store.janatini-zenfone-max-5 janatini-zenfone-max-6 janatini-zenfone-max-7 janatini-zenfone-max-8 janatini-zenfone-max-9
Quick stop over at Jana Gavalcova showroom. Picking clothes for a shoot with a Slovak singer Kristina for her new album.janatini-zenfone-max-10 janatini-zenfone-max-11
Plastic-plate-lunch in Aupark. Oh well. Not every day is a fancy day 😀janatini-zenfone-max-12
Arrived to the BREAK magazine office putting together fashion and beauty pages. A few phonecalls before I head upstairs to the studio.janatini-zenfone-max-13Čaká ma tu prekvapenie! Wow! Ďakujem! <3
I found a surprise in a box! Wow! Thank you!janatini-zenfone-max-14 janatini-zenfone-max-15
Studio time. Shooting mens accessories.janatini-zenfone-max-16 janatini-zenfone-max-18
The after-shoot selfie is a of course a must! Especially those taken with Zenfone are alway perfect 🙂janatini-zenfone-max-20 ..
Althogh tired, rushing to the gym. Gotta get bikini ready before my holidays!


Got a bit carried away with the workout, so jumping in my car and rushing to Lindex Aupark for the Sienna Miller collection launch event. You know these designer collabs, you come late and there is never anything left! Plus I’ve promised Lenka to be there by 6pm.

Made it! Sienna was waiting for me, lol. Don’t we look like sisters?? 😀

Reunited with my girls from Lapkinn and The leshion list.

Trying to catch what piece of the collection they are aiming for 😀

Heading to the beauty section. This is a premiere in Slovakia too – makeup line by Lindex.
janatini-zenfone-max-26 janatini-zenfone-max-27 janatini-zenfone-max-28

Trying on the mirror sunnies, then I find out that Linda wants them too. Damn! Oh well 😀
janatini-zenfone-max-29 janatini-zenfone-max-30
Urobíme pár rozhovorov, vyfotíme sa na instabox a čas ísť domov, lebo deň sa ešte neskončil!
Finish up a few interviews, make a polaroid snap with instabox and head home. The day is not over yet!
janatini-zenfone-max-31 janatini-zenfone-max-33

Trying on the new pieces as soon as I get home. Classic.

I decide to write one more blog post before sleep. It’s my every day ritualy before I go to bed, just it doesn’t always work out! Sometimes I fall asleep with my hands on the keyboard 😀
janatini-zenfone-max-36 janatini-zenfone-max-37

Done. Turning off the computer and myself as well. Good night!

All pics taken with Zenfone Max

In a collaboration with Asus <3

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