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The swimming season is nearing the end, but the swimsuit article has its place right behind Santorini’s.

My summer this year definitely carried in the sign of swimwear from the Slovak brand Bepon, which has considerably supplied me for quite a lot of destinations. If I wanted to, I could get two more holidays out of it, but in Greece I shot my TOP 5 for you – even with a short manual. 

BOLD WITHOUT STRAPS – these two-piece bikinis without straps (in principle) caught my eye first – primarily because of their color. I knew the yellow would contrast perfectly with the blue-white environment of our destination, so it was my number one choice. I also like this design because it doesn’t leave tan lines from the shoulder straps and it’s also extremely comfortable. In addition, the collar bones look super hot in it!

FLOWER POWER – I’ve seen this set in the spring when Adam shot them to put in their campaign. The beautifully flattering bra pattern is not only for women with small breasts, but also for bigger busts. Bepon is proud of the fact that the sizes of some designs go a bit further than the more common swimwear producers, so even Pamela Anderson would not leave their shop empty handed, haha.

ONE-PIECE SWIM SUIT – The one-piece swimsuit has appeared to me for the first time only last year. First of all, because I found the first suit ever to fit me, and also because of my belly (which you have not seen because I’ve always vigorously sucked it in haha). This year they played very well – in my beloved turquoise. I wore them without shoulder straps because they are so much sexier that way and it makes the collar bones stand out (which I highlight as you might have noticed), but with bigger breasts, I suppose, shoulder straps are needed. They’re sexy, they have a pull-down part on the abdomen and a double fabric, so you feel totally “skinny” wearing them- just like in their catalog 🙂

BIKINI – and of course without the classic bikini cut the list wouldn’t be complete so the selection here was clear. But I chose a set with an interesting pattern that also played on the environment. It was quite cheerful to combine them with a white-blue city. This design had a Brazilian as a choice, but I did not dare to do that even though I had two months of hard training behind. Maybe another vacation!

Swimwear is one of my favorite outfits and I think I’m not alone. I have about 20 pairs at home, and every year there are new ones. Lycra is a delicate material so not all swimsuits last as long as I want … But truth is that I haven’t always looked after them as an example. To keep yours as long as possible, here are some tips on how to look after:

  • Never wash your swimsuit in the washing machine. Fill the washbasin with cold water and add a small amount of liquid washing detergent (there are also special swimwear ones, but according to my information, they aren’t available here in Slovakia yet). Immerse the swimsuit in the water and leave them soaking for 30 minutes. Then swish it around in the water with detergent finally, rinse in clean water. Push the water out of your swimsuit, never wring out the water! Freely hang or place on a drying rack. Never wash swimsuits in the washing machine, Lycra is a very delicate material and when exposed to warmth or rough treatment, its fibers get destroyed.
  • Never sit on uneven surfaces (e.g. wood) – Fine fabric fibers could get stuck and the swimsuit damaged. Always put a small towel under your bottom.
  • After changing, never throw the swimsuit in the bag. A damp fabric is a delicate fabric and can absorb the color of the things it touches, especially from other fabrics. Wrap them in a special bag designed for damp swimsuits to avoid having your favorite bikinis from getting a hippie pattern on the way home. Some posh brands include the swimsuit bag with the swimsuit automatically – even when buying swimsuits, it can be easily bought separately.
  • Keep up the lifespan swimsuits by packing more sets. If you alternate them, the material weakens slower and will last several seasons.
  • Think of the sunscreen that leaves traces on your swimsuit, even though maybe not right away. Stains and fading can be caused by bleach – especially on white swimsuits. These sometimes become completely yellowish and you can’t wash it, so leave these for the sea.

The other things that damage swimsuit fibers are hot water and the sauna. Chlorine in combination with high temperatures is the perfect catastrophe for swimwear!  So, try to leave out your swimsuit or pick one that you don’t care as much for.

Be honest, how many pairs do you own?



V spolupráci s BEPON <3

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