How To Beat The Winter Blues

To beat the winter blues is for me, personally, a big challenge. After a hot Summer and beautiful Autumn comes dreadful Winter, that also can be also pretty, if you are in Aspen surrounded by a beautiful nature, don’t get me wrong! But if you live in a grey city with an unpleasant architecture where “sun don’t shine” adding temperatures below zero, the blues will not miss you. Guaranteed.

The combination of lack of sunshine, outdoor activities and cold definitely leaves a mark on our every day life. Since I don’t want to go through the depressions and fatigue I had last year, I have created this routine to fight it – and so far it works:

1. Work out. Every day. Even if it’s only 10 minutes.

Physical activity is a guaranteed mood boost. If you start your day like this, your body and mind will thank you! Five tibetians are apparently ideal workout for cold mornings, I use the app SWEAT with Kayla and choose my workout from there. If I don;t have any meeting that morning, I go to the gym where I train with a trainer twice a week.

2. Daylight & Sunshine

The lack of both in Winter has a substantial impact on our (mental) health. I always try to spend some time outdoors every day, but if it’s not possible I at least try to sit next to a big window when working. If the sun does not come out for a long time (last year it  was a full month!), I go to sollarium. I do know it’s unhealthy, but the supplement of real sunshine works perfectly. I have not found another alternative yet, but if there is a healthier version, I am up for it. 10 minutes twice a moth cannot be harmful… can it?

3. Aromatherapy

I have been very fond of this kind of therapy for a bout a year. My pilates instructor uses aroma oils during the relaxation part after our workout and based on that I intuitively picked my oils I use daily.

The one that helps me to fight the winter blues is called Citrus bliss – by DoTerra. A few drops in your palms, breath in 3 times with clothed eyes and I guarantee you that your mind will get the overflow of happiness, yellow color, standing in a middle of a citrus field in a white flowy dress with sunshine in your face. For real. You can also use it in your car, a drier, in a diffuser and even as a perfume. This brand has tons of great oils and I use several of them – plus you can mix them together!

Another “aroma treasure” of mine is the bath & bodz oil by Bodhi. I use it in a bath and apply it also after. It smells like a beach massage parlour in Thailand and I feel accordingly 🙂 Dry oils by Nuxe are great too, the fact that they are not greasy helps in the morning, when you want to get dressed right away and go.

4. Imunity

Bad health equals bad mood. I have been taking natural immune boost supplements for years now, trying to change them up every year or two. I never get sick if I take them religiously. I took a break this Summer tho as I run out and didn’t really get back to it … and it got back to me in India. I got sick on the 3rd day of the hindu wedding and I really didn’t think I was gonna make it to the event… luckily I packed some homeopathic preparation Oscillococcinum with me to fight the flu and it was gone two days later. Thank God! Otherwise I would hardly make it to Taj Mahal.

5. Eat right, snack right.

In Winter we naturally incline towards eating heavier and more unhealthy food, more sugar, more coffee … which can be critical for the acidity levels of our body. I went two Winters in the row without a workout or a healthy diet and I can tell you that I felt like sh*t. I felt heavy, bloated, moody, ugly … but I couldn’t stop.

I am definitely eating healthier this year round. I did not exactly follow the “healthier” steps yet in December and Christmas of course does not count. But right after the holidays I switched to a more veg diet, my body was craving it since India and some meat here and there. I love brown rice and veg meals, gluten free flours, goat cheese, nuts, salads, oats … and fruits. A lot of it. That is pretty much my diet. Oh. And no refined sugar. Only healthy snacks (mostly by Powerlogy) – chocolate included! 😉

6. Take a winter holiday

Easier said that done. I know. It’s probably the easiest way how to deal with winter blues, just that it’s not always possible. Tropical beaches are the best medicine with vitamin D served live along with drink by the pool bar with half the body in the water. I know. Let’s dream on.

I really hope that you don’t really have to deal with any of this, but in case you do, hopefully my tips will help you. I am curious to know if you have any tips of your own that work, please leave them in comments below! I had really hard time last Winter so am following all this religiously every day and it’s definitely worth it!

It’s only less than three months till spring by the way 😉

Have a great day!


Photo by Jana Tomas
In collaboration with Boiron

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