Shanghai Snapshots


The last Shanghai post. I promise!
There is so many photos, it’s a shame not to share them with you!
So many places, do many memories .. To be honest, I wasn’t exactly smart about planning the time of my visit. I booked my ticket sometime around Spring and didn’t realise, how hot it gets in Summer (although I’ve experienced six of them!). It was definitely the hottest Summer of the past decade – so say the locals. The temperatures raised over 40C sometimes and the humidity made it even much worse. We couldn’t really leave the house before 4pm, which kind of canceled many plans I had 🙁

Swollen feet, dizziness, dehydration, OMG!

Luckily I did manage to check out some of my fav spots though – Flair bar at the Ritz in Pudong (my most fav bar in the world), my beloved Taikang lu (post about that HERE), meet up with some of my friends for a drink (unfortunately not all of them, since a project I put together there kept me busy), check out Xintiandi and it’s new phase and last but not least – visit Quipu lu market and buy some local fashion goodies 😀
There is so many things one can do in this 20 mil city! My next visit should be sometime around May, when the temperatures are just about right.

They say travelling is a spice of life. For me it’s a necessity – without it I lack drive and inspiration. If you get the smallest chance to get out anywhere, go! Even a on day trip to a nearby city can do wonders.

I hope you had a nice Sunday, mine was very creative and productive 🙂

Love, Jana xx

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All photos are mine


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  1. Karolina
    5 years ago

    Sluší ti to však i přes to dusné počasí. Já bych ráda do Hong Kongu, ale právě tyto teploty mě odrazují. Bohatě si vystačím s pětadvaceti :D.


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