My beloved Taikang Lu



My beloved Taikang Lu!
This little street in Shanghai had originally three stores, two restaurants and a few galleries when I moved in next to it in 2007.
One of the main stops of every Shanghai visitor became the main arts & crafts centre, a mish-mash of tiny streets covered with boutiques, souvenir shops and galleries selling pieces you won’t find anywhere else. Silk scarfs, handmade bags and jewellery, unique pieces for everyone.
I used to live right next door and we always used to go there for lunch or dinner. Later on I even had an office there. The owner of the silk shop used to know my name, since I would buy a silk scarf from him every other day (7 euros, hello!)
Later on Taikang lu became a culinary destination and more boutiques, galleries and bars opened up.
It was amazing to be back. There is more Asian restos now and less American tourists. It’s still a great place for spending half a day there, for finding original souvenirs or just going over memories 🙂

(you can read my first post from Shanghai HERE)

Love, Jana xx

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