Travel Diary – CAPRI

To visit Capri was a spontaneous decision on a Saturday morning. We drove to the port and took a ferry to the island. 75 euros for 2 tickets! Ouch. I was a bit worried as it was a bit chilly – but as it turned out, it was well worth it. The port on the island was flooded with guys offering a short boat trip. What first looked like a crazy idea .. we did end up taking the trip despite the cold breeze. Antonio – the owner of the boat kept repeating – “You don’t like, don’t pay!” (add a strong Italian accent).
Driving along the coast was quite breathtaking, the sun was in my face and truly I was speechless – enjoying the beauties of this oh-so-posh island. Antonio kept asking  “Lady you like? You like? Look! Look!” and kept pointing at different spots knowing every single fact about them. It was quite impressive – both the tour and Antonio’s interest to show us every single meter of the coast of Capri.
We got off the boat and the first thing I saw were people in bikini tanning on the beach!  One guy passes in his turquise shorty-shorts (surprisingly no speedos!) and I felt like an idiot wearing a coat and a scarf, ha. We took a walk enjoying the views, taking a lot of photos while looking for the resto Antonio had recommended to visit. Amazing. I can’t even tell you how good the food was – and the wine! The best part of the holidays is that  you can have wine even for breakfast (and I sure do, ha) without feeling guilty about it. After lunch we do more walks across the streets of Capri, buying overprices souvenirs and trying to find a spot to have a coffee. Like Positano – Capri was also quite empty in December, with only a few locals here and there and most places closed. It does not takes away the beauty off the island though and only assures you that do do wanna come back in Summer.
Enjoy the weekend! xx

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outfit – H&M
sneakers/tenisky – NOVESTA
sunnies/okuliare – Ray Ban
backpack/ruksak – Uashmama

All photos are mine

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