My Favourite Summer Outfits

This week is definitely the last of summer, which started without fanfare – we were still in quarantine.  Sweatpants and a T-shirt were replaced by a tank top and shorts, and when quarantine was finally over, we all ran out into the streets. For me, the months at home meant not only the micro changes of my home dress, but also sorting through my wardrobe. I excluded polyester, unnecessary, or stylistically meaningless items. I always shake my head at all the things which I have accumulated over the years. Slowly but surely I am able to open my closet enough to let the air easily flow between the things on the shelves.

At least twice a year I have a bazaar with my things to get rid of the clothes that are fine, but either too small for me or not to my current taste. Getting older, I rely more on quality natural materials. Even when I buy something, it’s mostly viscose, cotton or, most recently, linen. However, I don’t follow the rule “you haven’t worn it in over a year, throw it away” despite the fact that my taste changes every year, as well as my body. Most importantly, I don’t pass on quality pieces. They are kept for posterity. I have several of these in my closet, even though they have been waiting in their protective covers for years.

This summer I mainly wore things that I have had for some time or even sewed myself. Quarantine provided me with plenty of time and fantastic mental relaxation. Of course, I had a few new items, but about 80% fewer than in other years.

Let me tell you why these are my favorite summer outfits:


One and the same stairs, 3 visits to Santorini, 3 different dresses. It nicely illustrates the evolution of my shopping mindset. 2018 – blue Zara dress, the sin of my then fast-fashion obsession. No regrets in this case, however, as I’ve spent many summer days in it. Made of surprisingly high-quality viscose, I wear it from spring to autumn, with sandals or boots and a leather jacket.

2019 – my mother’s beloved dress also fits me like a glove. It’s the only fashion piece of hers I wear. And I wear it very often, it possesses a special energy and a special place in my heart. It is at least 20 years old now and I hope to wear it at least twice as long.

2020 – my first very own tailor-made dress in two decades! Although I didn’t get the cut right on the first try (my breasts kept falling out when I ran, haha), it has received a lot of compliments. Even if a thread sticks out here and there, that just adds to the first time’s charm.


I have had both of these dresses for a few years now and I still love them both. Ok, maybe the one with the train a bit more, as I designed it myself. For me, white is the beginning and end to every summer and will forever remain so. It suits me best, it makes me feel noble. It does not burden me with its vibration like other colours and it doesn’t feel as warm.

I designed the dress on the left for the Slovak jewelry brand Monde d´Alexandra, when I was the face of their first-time campaign 4 years ago. It is close to my heart not only for this reason, but also because it feels fantastic on. Today I would choose viscose rather than polyester, but it fits and moves on my body like a charm.

The second Reserved dress is made of cotton madeira and I’ve had it for 3 years. I love it because it’s less fancy than the other ones and I can wear it non-stop all day. I usually spend the whole holiday in it, as it has the right length and cut for me.


June has finally started in work fashion and we are all very happy about it. I enjoyed getting into office mode not only in my head, but also with my outfit. I recovered this blue XXX dress from the closet, after I bought it last summer in a boutique in Prague. It looks better with heels, but I can also wear it with sandals, divinely complemented by an apricot Coccinelle, which stands out in this outfit so well. It is my first handbag this size in years. I almost forgot how practical it is to carry a big handbag! I risked wearing a red belt with it and it worked out quite well. You know me, I’m not a matchy – matchy fan. Even my outfit needs to be visually exciting, haha.


This year has been a turning point for me in several areas. One of these was my new-found love for linen. It started with a linen skirt from Dorfsheep, which made me understand what this material is all about. It was followed by a white kimono from the Polish brand Slow, which I bought in the summer, it continued with a beach shirt and a suit from Gant. I could go on. Linen also launched my first By Janatini collection. This most environmentally friendly material deserves its own article. It’s pure love.

So my biggest love of this summer was my linen and viscose collection. But more on that in my next article.

So, do you feel autumn-ready already? 🙂



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