Blogger Of The Year 2017 Awards

Something HUGE happened a week ago!!!

You have probably noticed form my social networks that I won the FASHION BLOGGER OF THE YEAR 2017 award. Woohooo! It was all happening during my most stresful time of this year while preparing costumes for a massive music video (hence my absence on FB and IG). Now both things are over and I can finally enjoy the amazing feeling of winning.

Pretty much every blogger dreams about becoming THE blogger of the year. I have started Janatini five years ago, but only two years ago it became more intense. Last year I won the third place and I actually told myself that I will win this one! I had the whole year to re-do the blog and I was woking on the re-design for a few months. I almost lost hope I will manage to do it before the nominations ends… To create a bilingual version was a mission and it was a bit of a complication. It almost seemed impossible to finish this up and combine my already crazy schedule .. but I did it and it was all well worth it! The goal was clear and set and I stayed focused. Done.

Blogging is love & super hard work at the same time.

To create original content, outfits that have not been here yet, high quality photographs that carry a story, look for original locations, choose the right team, write great articles and keep the social network numbers high … thats all blogger’s every day struggle.

Blog is a place for personal self-fulfilment. It’s a place of creative thoughts and a showcase of everything you can do, but you might not have a chance to do in your real job. You have to love blogging and if you wanna do it well, it’s always at the expense of something else. But it’s worth it!!

Just as last year I have designed my own outfit for the event. I came up with the idea 10 days before the finals after a half a litre of wine at 1 am on my sofa. I made a slightly clumsy, but still readable scetch and went to Donna Rosi to have it done. After a slight struggle with the fabrics we have agreed on a jade green. Very elegant color, but can be also playful if styled well. The idea was to design an outfit that is elegant but still a bit edgy, a two piece (practicality, hello!) and voilá!

The fitting went well and after I styled it with jewellery from Monde d’Alexandra – a brand I became the face of for their SS16 campaign (see it HERE).

This whole thing is an amazing experience and I will remember this day forever <3 The BIGGEST thank you though goes to YOU, my fabulous readers!! Only thanks to your votes I got to the finals and was able to win this amazing award. I appreciate all your support and I promise to work harder to bring you more and more inspiration <3

I hope you had a fabulous weekend loves and that you have already started planning your Summer holidays! I am off to Sicily in a week so expect a lot of posts from the trip! 🙂

Love, Jana

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  1. Petush Kay
    7 years ago

    Jani, gratulujem ešte raz, zaslúžiš si to!! <3 Ja som inak tiež mala zo začiatku bilingválny blog tak ako ty, rozdelený na english verziu a slovenskú, ale išlo ma z toho poraziť, tak som sa nakoniec vrátila ku klasike angličtina/slovenčina pod sebou.

    1. Jana
      7 years ago

      Zalezi asi aku mas platformu, mne to takto vyhovuje viac, nie je to on nic zlozitejsie, ale pre citatelov (a pre google) zrozumitelnejsie 🙂


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