Getting Summer Ready

I bet you are expecting an article about how I got my bikini body back. And you are wrong!
(It’s not back yet.)

The time of shorty-shorts is around the corner and super smooth legs are alpha and omega of this season, so I have decided to make a radical move:

Send those leg hair to hell. Forever.

I have been shaving my legs for about two decades now and it became an everyday morning routine.
But .. naturally there are times I really don’t bloody feel like it, or I (God forbid!) forget the razor when travelling .. then the real hell starts. The feeling of my trousers rubbing against unshaved leg hair is worse than scratching the styrofoam with long fake nails. Yes, my hair grows super fast. Ew. I know.

I have been trying to resolve this dilemma for years now. Waxing was never my choice due to the way it’s done and nor did the laser hair removal. Once on a holiday I met a woman with her legs all burnt from this procedure .. it looked terrible and I swore I will shave my legs forever and ever.

Until now.

As it usually happens, if you are trying to resolve something until you give up, the solution comes to you by itself. One December evening I received an email from a friend of mine – Najat, who just opened a LED laser studio. Ding dong!

First met up to talk about the whole technique and I told her about my holiday experience. Her studio uses a different method though: a special LED laser that is not only suitable for all skin types, but is also pain free!

We scheduled my first session in January and I’m about to go for my third one. It takes about 6-8 for the full process to be effective, depending on several factors of your body.

Najat alway lets me know about two weeks ahead and then reminds me just before the appointment (I guess she knows why 😀 ) It’s a great relaxing session with yummy coffee and some girly chit-chat.

I can’t wait to be at the end of this process! Yay!
What is your hair-removal experience? Would you be up for it?

Have a great weekend loves!

Jana xo


Photo by Igor Kovacs
In collaboration with HAIRLESS studio <3

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