The Art Of Chilling

You’ve probably been there.

We are constantly chasing something, but we never get it. Sometimes we don’t event know what we are chasing for, but we still wanna get it. We feel like we wanna reach a certain goal, but sometime we don’t even know what that goal is.

We sacrifice our health, private life and family. But why?
Perhaps we are compensating for something, perhaps we compare ourselves to others and want to be the best. But why? To get appreciated by others?

Friends will tell you – don’t do it, it’s not worth it. Isn’t it really worth reaching the top of your self fulfillment? It is, but you need to set boundaries. Because if you wear yourself out, there will be no self fullfilment and there will be no dream career. You are risking a break-down ..  thats when you find out what they meant by “it’s not worth it”, but it will be too late.

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Always put yourself first and know your worth. If they expect unreal results from you – leave it to others. Learn to say NO and you’ll see that from now only the good projects will follow.

You might have noticed my online absence. First time in years (if not ever) I turned my phone off, closed myself in a spa hotel for three days and didn’t touch my laptop. And the world didn’t end!

My social network statistics went rapidly down, but hey … nothing I can’t fix within days 😉

Have a fabulous Sunday and don’t forget to chill.

Love, Jana



Photo & breakfast by Jozef Krovina <3

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  1. Iwoska
    6 years ago

    My Dear!
    It’s one for the most powerful post I have been reading. It’s really nice that You are talking with others. In this time we can sacrifice everything. Im also happy that You finnaly find time for yourself.

    I can’t wait more post, but ofc find time for you 🙂



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