Fashion LIVE! – OUTFIT – Day 3



Originally I planned to wear this outfit on day one, but due to a strong rain that day I swopped it to Friday (my ballerinas would get crashed in water!). My look wouldn’t have been complete though, since I’ve discovered this vest on a Wednesday in a showroom upstairs and its by a brand called CORD DECKER. It’s made from camel hair and it’s incredibly warm! Shoes and the shirt also had their premiere. My new beloved Miu Miu ballerina flats, that I had been hunting for forever and the shirt is by a Slovak designer Marcel Holubec.

Have a great Sunday guys, I’m heading to a shoot!

Love, Jana xx

fashion-live-janatini-jana-tomas-outfit-day-3-3 fashion-live-janatini-jana-tomas-outfit-day-3-2 fashion-live-janatini-jana-tomas-outfit-day-3-1


vest / vesta – CORD DECKER
shirt / košeľa – Marcel Holubec W
jeans – Zara
ballerina flats – Miu Miu
bag / kabelka – Zara

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  1. Rose Tascher
    6 years ago

    Wow ♥ hlavně ty balerínky!!


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