I wish I had more time for books! How many of you have sad that just now? (Me, lol) The only time I could possibly read is in the evening after work – but – I devote that to either blogging, writing articles for a magazine or flipping through the latest Vogue. It really is exhausting to keep up with all the sources I want to go trough that I don’t have much time for books. I did make a decision though to read at least one per month – and this is my choice for February. I have discovered it on Amazon while actually shopping for a different book.

Aliza Licht – fashion’s favourite PR girl – describes her way into the fashion industry trough internships all the way to her dream position at Donna Karan. She explains why is it important to be able to handle social media well and how important it is to engage with your followers. She takes you step by step how to build a killer resume and how to act and react at a job interview. I am only a half way trough and am fascinated by it, it is great to read someone’s “manual” who’s success you really see and know.
It’s a great read not only for people involved in fashion.
You can order it HERE.


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