Dominika Mirgova “DOLE” – backstage (shot on Zenfone Zoom)

It’s been a while since I’ve added a backstage post from a shoot. As you know, I always shoot backstage at my jobs, but it’s always with my Canon 6D. This time though on set with Dominika Mirgova I used the new Zenfone Zoom to capture the day. The new addition to the Asus family is made especially for taking photos – with it’s 3 x optical-zoom and 10-element HOYA lens arrangement (which in a “blond” dictionary means, that the camera is pretty dope). It’s definitely easier to carry the thinnest smartphone in my pocket than a heavy 6D on my neck. 

The music video took two days to shoot – around 5 weeks ago in Trnava. The first day was in boxing ring (where unfortunately I have no pictures from) and the second in the park and at a shooting range. We thought the day would never end, but it was deifintely worth it! I was in charge of the costumes and Lucid did hair & make-up. I took a lot of photos trough out the day, but since Zenfone has always been no.1 in taking selfies, I had a a ton of those (57 in total, ha!) We had a lot of fun, especially towards the end, when we nearly hallucinated from the heat and tiredness 🙂 The final music video is at the end of the post 🙂

dominika-mirgova-dole-backstage-janatini-6 dominika-mirgova-dole-backstage-janatini-1 dominika-mirgova-dole-backstage-janatini-5 dominika-mirgova-dole-backstage-janatini-3 dominika-mirgova-dole-backstage-janatini-12 dominika-mirgova-dole-backstage-janatini-11 dominika-mirgova-dole-backstage-janatini-10 dominika-mirgova-dole-backstage-janatini-7 dominika-mirgova-dole-backstage-janatini-14 dominika-mirgova-dole-backstage-janatini-8 dominika-mirgova-dole-backstage-janatini-18 dominika-mirgova-dole-backstage-janatini-16 dominika-mirgova-dole-backstage-janatini-19 dominika-mirgova-dole-backstage-janatini-21 dominika-mirgova-dole-backstage-janatini-20 dominika-mirgova-dole-backstage-janatini-22 dominika-mirgova-dole-backstage-janatini-23 dominika-mirgova-dole-backstage-janatini-24 dominika-mirgova-dole-backstage-janatini-25 dominika-mirgova-dole-backstage-janatini-26 dominika-mirgova-dole-backstage-janatini-27 dominika-mirgova-dole-backstage-janatini-28 dominika-mirgova-dole-backstage-janatini-30 dominika-mirgova-dole-backstage-janatini-33 dominika-mirgova-dole-backstage-janatini-34 dominika-mirgova-dole-backstage-janatini-31



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