Fashion LIVE! – Day 2 & 3


The second and the third day of the biggest fashion event in Slovakia brought a lot of emotion and a big surprise. Martin Hrca’s show almost brought us to tears and Hanecka’s collection inspired by other designers was a huge shocker (not only for me).



The Fashion house Alize introduced the latest show by the controversial designer Vivienne Westwood. I was curious what kind of makeup would the models have (since she has a very specific one at her shows) but it was done to a perfection. My only question is tho, who in Slovakia will be brave enough to wear such bold pieces.

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Martin Hrca‘s show was for me definitely the most emotional out of all the shows at Fashion LIVE!. The moment the first look came down the runway, the music, the snow … I will never forget that. I had goosebumps from the first second to the last and I tried to capture as much as possible. Martin again surprised with the concept of the show as well as with the unusual use of materials such as animal fur, leather and other special fabrics. It all looked like a fairytale and I still have a residue of the fake snow in my purse I wore that day 😀 

fashion-live-day-2-janatini-jana-tomas-5 fashion-live-day-2-janatini-jana-tomas-12 fashion-live-day-2-janatini-jana-tomas-8 fashion-live-day-2-janatini-jana-tomas-11 fashion-live-day-2-janatini-jana-tomas-15 fashion-live-day-2-janatini-jana-tomas-13 fashion-live-day-2-janatini-jana-tomas-16 fashion-live-day-2-janatini-jana-tomas-9 fashion-live-day-2-janatini-jana-tomas-18 fashion-live-day-2-janatini-jana-tomas-19 fashion-live-day-2-janatini-jana-tomas-20

Boris Hanecka was a surprise of the night. His show had several parts and each was inspired by a different Slovak designer. No one knew his concept, so there was a bit of a confusion when the first models hit the runway. He said he paid a tribute to his fellow colleagues designers and got inspired by their work. I was a bit confused and I am sure I wasn’t the only one, he sure did show a very nice series of his work. The final dot of his 45 minute show was his original collection named Parazit.

fashion-live-day-2-janatini-jana-tomas-21 fashion-live-day-2-janatini-jana-tomas-27 fashion-live-day-2-janatini-jana-tomas-22 fashion-live-day-2-janatini-jana-tomas-24 fashion-live-day-2-janatini-jana-tomas-25 fashion-live-day-2-janatini-jana-tomas-26 fashion-live-day-2-janatini-jana-tomas-23 fashion-live-day-2-janatini-jana-tomas-28 fashion-live-day-2-janatini-jana-tomas-32 fashion-live-day-2-janatini-jana-tomas-29 fashion-live-day-2-janatini-jana-tomas-31 fashion-live-day-2-janatini-jana-tomas-30



The events of this day were rather turbulent for me. My car broke down, I’ve ended a collaboration on a project after a year, I missed a casting for a cool commercial .. all before 3pm! Despite my 4 hour sleep I put all my strength together and went home to change. I managed to missed almost all the shows but Lenka Srsnova’s and some foreign designers. Even though I came late I managed to meet a lot of old friends and meet some interesting new people.

fashion-live-day-3-janatini-jana-tomas-2 fashion-live-day-3-janatini-jana-tomas-3 fashion-live-day-3-janatini-jana-tomas-5 fashion-live-day-3-janatini-jana-tomas-7


What I did manage to finally do is to properly visit the showrooms at the first floor. I have discovered some interesting thingies worth sharing!


A fantastic Slovak brand created by a designer Petra Schultzova. Minimalist cuts, clean lines, original design. Love at first sight, I bought a piece from her collection and wore it the last day (outfit out tomorrow!) You will definitely hear more about Petra!

fashion-live-day-3-janatini-jana-tomas-14 fashion-live-day-3-janatini-jana-tomas-15


Uashmama is nothing new on this market, they do bring new pieces though every season. These paper bags last ages despite the use of the material. I know what I’m talking about – I own their backpack, it travelled the world with me and still looks like new!

fashion-live-day-3-janatini-jana-tomas-13 fashion-live-day-3-janatini-jana-tomas-12


The author of these special pieces is a designer of a same name like me – Jana. She designs for women that are not afraid to be different. Her pieces are very specific, yet very wearable. She also makes her own jewellery where every piece is unique.



I spotted these original handbags from very far. It’s a very original concept of a Slovak architect-turned-designer Katarina Dubravcova living in France. She buys the leftover production from fast fashion brands and turns them into original purses. Bravo!

fashion-live-day-3-janatini-jana-tomas-18 fashion-live-day-3-janatini-jana-tomas-19


I always had a thing for quality leather products and these are definitely one of them. Handmade in Czech republic from local materials.


The perfect ending to three days of amazing fashion and great deign. The team of Fashion LIVE! did a fantastic job and I can’t waith for the next one!


Foto by Jana Tomas & Jozef Krovina

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