All White Look & Why I’m Obsessed With Wearing White

I have to say that white has always been my absolute favourite (non)color every summer. Even though another season has passed and Fall is in it’s full spring, there are a few days of indian summer ahead of us so more chance to flaunt white outfits, yay!

I am not exactly sure why I am obsessed with white so much… You would not believe how many white pieces I actually own! But what meaning does white colour have exactly?

I’ve done a bit of a research to find out what impact does white have on our mental health and why we prefer it to other colours. Some people get this feeling wearing black, but I am the opposite.I personally feel very safe in it and it gives me a feeling of protection. But it’s not only white I wear through out the summer. I do combine it with other colours from time to time. It has always been green for the past decade – but something has changed about a year ago and I witched it for blue. My closet looked exactly like these photos – majority of white and blue combo with a splash of color.

White represents purity and inocense. It’s worn by brides, or even babies…white doesnt exactly have a praticular emotion as a colour and it’s often described as cold and sterile (hospitals). That is though what I kind of like about it! Maybe because thats how they often describe me, when the meet me for the first time, haha. You know what I mean. White also reflect light and keeps you nice and col in Summer (beduins wearing it in the desert)

In fensgh-shui white is considered a very strong colour and brings harmony to the space. Its element is metal, which symbolizes coolness. Even my flat was all white when I moved in and it still is for the most part. I kind of like it this way, altho I cantreally say its cozy. Im still in a process of decorationg so hoping to cozy-it-up super soon!

Am I the only one that loves white so much? Based on one research it is considered no. 15 favourite colour out of 18 in general. NO 15 when it comes to clothes and No.1 as an interior colour!

White is my absolute love and so is this outfit we shot in Oia in Santorini. This outfit combo is not exactly a Fall look, but this white skirt from Silvian Heach is definitely gonna have one more break this season. Today Im gonna wear it with black booties and a leather jacket and even add a scarf if necessary.

Would a “all white look” pass in Autumn? I don’t think so, but don’t count with all dark look with me either!

What is your most favourite and “safe” colour to wear?


OUTFIT: skirt – SILVIAN HEACH, top – ZARA, bag – FURLA (Cube), shoes – ZARA, sunnies – PRADA (,
necklaceMonde D’Alexandra


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