Fashion LIVE! 2017 – OUTFIT – Day 2

Vintage or second-hand? And is there a difference?

Yes, there is. Clothing is considered vintage when older than 20 years from now. It has a certain value when bought and the price can go up with age, if well taken care of. (Like that vintage Chanel we all want, but can’t afford!)

A secon-hand piece is worth a few euros, and is often only a few years old. Yu won’t probably sell it for much in the future, but it’s worth the world for either fitting like a glove (an old pencil skirt), being worn-in (those Levi’s 501) and has a certain non-financial value of being original in a way.

The leather skirt I wore on the second day of Fashion LIVE! was a piece from one of the above. I found it in Luxury Vintage store downtown Bratislava and it was at leat one size bigger when I bought it. A year later it fits like a glove (hello chocolate and wine!) and I wear it from Autumn to Spring.

It was too hot to wear tights that day so I have decided to go for a skirt and boots combo. Red & blue seemed like the right idea, combined with a gray jumper and a see-trough plastic purse was my ideal outfit of the day. It was both – chic and comfy – which is what you need when running around with a camera shooting the shows while trying to look flawless. These are my first low-heel boots (I hate the word kitten heel!). A week prior to this day I ways saying how much I dislike them … but when you actually try them on and it’s all you wanna wear. And the color!


People were asking me a lot about my bag. Since I did not want to spend any money on an outfit and a purse in particular, you need to innovate! So i took the inside out and left it like that. Bingo 🙂

Well, we all change with time, and so do our preferences.

How about yours? Have they changed much in the past year?



OUTFIT: skirt – Luxury Vintage, shirt – Donna Rosi, jumper – Weekday, shoes – Zara, bag – Zara, socks – Weekday

Photo by Kuba Feranec

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  1. Dominika
    4 years ago

    Úplná topka! Neviem sa vinadívať, všetko do detailu premyslené 🙂

  2. Joe
    3 years ago

    Tu je to taktiež fájn 😀


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