Best Tips How To Shops The Sales!

Sale season has kicked off which is the favourite time of the year for all the shopoholics (like me, ha)! Sales are not only about saving money but also about saving your time and your NERVES.

Working as a fashion stylist, shopping is basically inevitable part of my job. I spend hours in shops every day either looking for things for my photo shoots or hunting for those IT pieces for my customers. Shopping can be very tiring but I have my tricks to make me survive hours browsing trough stores (especially in sales) and now I’m gonna share them with you!

1. Make a list of things you want to buy. This way you will avoid buying stuff you didn’t need and going over your budget.

2. Get to the store just before they open. It will look neat and you will easily find what you need, plus there is a bigger chance they will have your size. If you come in the afternoon, all you will find is massive mess everywhere.

3. As soon as you get to the mall, get their store plan. Mark your shops and follow the list.

4. Changing rooms are always the biggest nightmare. Wear something light and easily taken off (like a zipper jumper or a sweater) and a neutral top underneath (white, nude or black). This way you will be able to try things on in a front of the mirror at the store which saves you 30 min waiting for a free changing room.

5. The best purse to wear for shopping is a crossbody. Keeps your hands free and is always comfortably at your reach.

6. If you carry many pieces and need your hands, take the hangers off and throw the clothes over the shoulder. If you still wanna keep some clothes on the hangers – hang them over your belt. That will leave your hands free and you are ready to snatch more pieces!

7. Make sure you find out store’s return policy. Do they return cash or just credit? How many days you have to return the goods? Those are all important information.

8. If you are shopping at a store where they return cash and you are unsure whether to buy this piece or not, BUY IT. Let it sit at home for a couple of days, sleep on it and then decide. It’s better than coming later to get it and the thing would be sold out!

9. Never buy a thing just because it’s on sale. Always double the price and ask yourself – would I still want it for this price?

10. Sales are a great opportunity to buy gifts for your friends and family. Make a list or all their birthdays and you are done for a year!

11. If you normally can’t afford designer stuff, now is the time! It’s always better to buy one thing that will serve you for years rather than five T-shirts that will end up in trash six months later.

12. If you haven’t found your favourite thing at the store, don’t worry! Every store now has an
e-shop and big chances are you will find it there. Most of them offer free delivery over a certain amount and sometimes even free returns. Great way to avoid the shopping stress and also reach to brands that are not available in your country.

13. My last tip – always go shopping with someone that not only it enjoys it as much as you but also someone that can advice. At the end of the day shopping should be fun!!

Let me know if you found something super chic for a great price!

Love, Jana XO




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