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Christmas is over, but the holiday spirit goes on and we finally have time to be with our families and mostly – have time for ourselves. We race the whole year to achieve our goals, we try to make the most money to be able to buy presents our families dream about. But what about yourself? When was the last time you gave yourself a present? Whether it’s a day spent next to the fire place with your favourite book or that dreamed about designer purse… it’s important to gift yourself for the whole year of hard work, whatever the form.
This year I gave myself my dream Christmas tree. I never really cared much about this kind of decoration, but since I styled two Xmas music videos (with Kristina and Miro Jaros) I was totally hooked since October. It took me a month to put this tree together and I placed it right in front of my bed. Unusual? Yes. But the minute I wake up I’m in a good mood. Boom.

Chill goes hand in hand with holidays and I have prescribed myself at least a week of a complete relax. Thanks to an ugly burn I gave myself just after Xmas I will for sure stay home and chill 😀 Oh well. Everything happens for a reason. My latest new found favourite companion (not only) for chillin’ are my Doterra aromatherapy oils. Pure addiction. Lemon for the morning, lavender for night, Citrus bliss for the uplift and ZenGest for digestion (especially ordered for the holiday feast 😀 )


Besides these few things I gave myself also something practical 🙂 I bought the new Canon G7X Mark II. Takes much better photos than the iPhone, fits in my purse and thanks to it’s wifi the photos go directly to my phone. So my instagram should get a bit of a facelift! 😀
As for clothes, I saved it for the sales period. It’s only logic to wait a few days and buy twice as much .. I’m putting together a blog post for you how to effectively shop in sales and save your money, time and mostly nerves 🙂

Have fabulous time with your families and don’t forget to chill!

Love, Jana



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