How To Do Eye Makeup With Fingers

Over the course of years (decades?) I have mastered my multitasking. Write articles while watching TV, watch an episode of Project Runway while working out and doing my make-up while driving, lol. Time is precious so why to waste it by doing only one thing at a time, right? I am not that kind of person who spends half an hour to get ready in the morning. I do the necessary – shower, teeth, hair and the rest while on the go. I leave the breakfast, make up, calls for the car!  I have learnt to master to do my eye makeup with my fingers a long time ago and I tell you – it’s very quick and easy! I am not saying it is perfectly done but I have been wearing it this way for years and no one ever said anything so It can’t be that bad 😀 Here is a short tutorial how I do it – with a little practice I am sure you can master it too. 


To do the base is super easy so sometimes I do it at home if I have 2 spare minutes. The quickest way to use a compact makeup with a sponge. Eye concealer, powder, blush and go. 



I prefer to use eyeshadow that has more than one color – it’s better for toning the eye. I use the Eyelight trio by Gosh Copenhagen – it has 3 shades of very natural brown and cream with a little shine. I apply the medium shade all over my top eye lid and a tiny bid under. this is tricky as your finger is a bit think for this part, so you’ll just need to master this one.

how-to-do-make-up-with-fingers-janatini-jana-tomas-gosh-copenhagen-2 how-to-do-make-up-with-fingers-janatini-jana-tomas-gosh-copenhagen-6 how-to-do-make-up-with-fingers-janatini-jana-tomas-gosh-copenhagen-3 how-to-do-make-up-with-fingers-janatini-jana-tomas-gosh-copenhagen-7 how-to-do-make-up-with-fingers-janatini-jana-tomas-gosh-copenhagen-5 how-to-do-make-up-with-fingers-janatini-jana-tomas-gosh-copenhagen-8


Third step is to apply the dark eye shadow to the outside corner of my eye lid and the light shade to the center and inner corner of the eye. Ten apply the mascara and you’re done! 

how-to-do-make-up-with-fingers-janatini-jana-tomas-gosh-copenhagen-10 how-to-do-make-up-with-fingers-janatini-jana-tomas-gosh-copenhagen-12 how-to-do-make-up-with-fingers-janatini-jana-tomas-gosh-copenhagen-11 how-to-do-make-up-with-fingers-janatini-jana-tomas-gosh-copenhagen-14 how-to-do-make-up-with-fingers-janatini-jana-tomas-gosh-copenhagen-13 how-to-do-make-up-with-fingers-janatini-jana-tomas-gosh-copenhagen-15

Eye Shadow / Očné tiene –  Eyelight Trio 003 Chunky Chocolate Gosh Copenhagen
Mascara – Provocateur Gosh Copenhagen

Photo by Jozef Krovina

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