FACE OF FTV ~ 3rd episode
Since some of you that don’t speak slovakian watch the show anyway, here is a little description of what happened in the 3rd episode:
We had 2 challenges – 1st was to pick an outfit from H&M store in 15 min for club opening (those who know me – you know this ain’t really a challenge for me as I have done this several times running late to one of my own events 🙂  The store didn’t have much stock, there were maybe 3 options so I went with one that was the least obvious. I knew half of the girls would go for the disco-ball dress, I went with colors I knew looked good on me. Second challenge was to get ready for a black-tie event in 90 mins (hair&makeup and to get a dress).As I have a lot of practice, I was the only one that did my own hair&makeup, all the other ones went to a salon.
I am very disappointed with the way they cut the video as the things they told me in the room seem to be very different from what I saw here. But oh well. I got to top 3. That’s all that matters 😉
My outfit for the H&M challenge. I ended up rolling up the skirt since that was the only one they had and I looked like an office girl. With the right accessories and killer heels I’d totally wear this to a club opening.

My dress for the black-tie event. My favourite color, it could be a tiny bit less intense, but still love it.

It was 1am when we took this picture – the waiting for the results was never-ending!!

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