Sunday Walk


Sundays are meant for walks. I don’t really have a classic type of a work week, sometimes I work   weekends and my Sunday is – let’s say – on Wednesday. That means no alarm, legs up, TV on, or a massage. Or I go for a nice walk – since Spring has finally sprung!!
My walk-in-nature outfit might seem funny to some, as people tend to wear functional clothing. I don’t even own any (and probably never will 😀 ), but I at least I try go with the theme – green, flowers and eco friendly shoes and a backpack. Pants are stretchy, shoes are super comfy and made out of natural materials (although these are from a limited edition YMC x Novesta and should be sitting on a shelf 😀 ) and the jacket has a hoody for those windy moments. My paper backpack carries all my necessities – heavy camera, bottle of water and some money for ice cream 😀
How was your weekend?

Jana xx

janatini-weekend-walk-2 janatini-weekend-walk-8 janatini-weekend-walk-3 janatini-weekend-walk-5 janatini-weekend-walk-9 janatini-weekend-walk-1

jacket / bunda – MOHITO
Tshirt / tričko – Bread&Butter (custom made)
pants / nohavice – ZARA
sneakers / tenisky – YMX x Novesta
backspack / ruskak – Uashmama
sunglasses / okuliare – Aldo

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  1. Nicol
    4 years ago

    Super outfit 🙂 Taký príjemný, jarný 🙂

    1. jtomas
      4 years ago

      Dakujem Nikol! 🙂

  2. Dominika
    4 years ago

    nedá mi neokomentovať aj toto 😀 krásne, zelená ťa oživí a to kvetované ani nehovoriac 🙂 krásny výraz tváre, pózy, prostredie… 😉

    1. jtomas
      4 years ago

      dakujem !! 🙂

  3. Sona
    4 years ago

    Ten kabat je bombovyyyyy …. musim ist do Mohita 😀

    1. jtomas
      4 years ago

      snad ho este maju!! 😀


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