Visiting Château Rúbaň

“God made only water, man made wine.” – Victor Hugo


I had no idea Chatea Ruban existed until last Summer. In August, when I had my birthday, I have received my first two bottles and it was love at first sip! The scrumptious aftertaste of the semi-dry Noria stayed in my mouth for the next two days and wince there was more I wanted to discover, me and  Lapkinn have been invited to discover the source of this precious drink ourselves.

Wine will be always associated with good times, friends and great memories. You can drink and talk for hours, or just relay and and have a great time and thats exactly what our trip to Ruban looked like!


This tiny village is located nearly two hours from Bratislava (but if you get losk like me, possibly even three, lol). it’s definitely worth the drive though! The original house built in 19th century is surroundy by two other modern buildings – one of them being a guest house where the rooms have modern style but with a respect to traditions. The second building is a restaurant and wine cellar, where we (surprisingly!) spent most of our time there.

After a rushed morning and late arrival we had finally sat down to have lunch. The fab dishes kept coming and after a few (or more than a few) glasses of wine Linda and I got finally a chance to catch up. The day went by and we had to get ready for dinner … little did we know that we’d have to cook it ourselves!

Me in the kitchen??
I don’t really cook, but when I do, it’s always with wine.
Sometimes I even add it to food!

I suggest you save this photo … coy there won’t be a similar one coming anytime soon!! 😀

Apron and sweat – that’s what I call stepping out of my comfort zone!

Luckily the chef Martin Kollar was with us the whole time giving us instructions what to do next. It wasn;t easy, but it was definitely a great experience. Sometimes when eating that delish food we tend to forget how much work it takes to prepare all this amazing dishes!


If you ever want to visit Château Rúbaň, you need to book ahead. They are not always open and they only take bookings for at least ten (very thirsty!) people. It’s a perfect spot for a teambuildings, weddings, family gatherings or for New Years Eve party.
And if you ever make it there I guarantee you will taste some fabulous wines and have a TOP culinary experience – one I rate as the best in Slovakia. For real. 

Have a great weekend!



Foto Adam Suchánek & Jana Tomas
V spolupráci so Château Rúbaň <3

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