Fashion Live 2017 – OUTFIT – Day 3


My suit jacket has a story and it’s called “Two euro”.

I’ve always inclined towards men’s chic. Men’s shirt is to my opinion way more stylish and for the past few seasons it seems like the brands got it too. A vintage shirt made out of a high-count thread cotton can make a bigger statement than the one with the perfect girly collar bought on high street.

About two years ago I went to a thrift store to get some clothing for a shoot – we were purpously looking for used clothing. I walked into an “All for 2 euro” sale and walked out with 5 suit jackets, one of the being made out of leather. A dream!
I kept three of them and gave the rest away. This one is a tailor made piece and I absolutely love it. More importantly these oversized jackets are so IN right now, that even Zara carries a similar one for a crazy price.
Every time I put it on I try to think who wore it before me. I see a very conservative physics teacher with a thick framed glasses, green heavy cotton pants, brown shiny oxford shoes and a matching leather bag. Do you think I was close ?

Don’t be afraid to experiment with these kind of pieces and don’t be afraid you’ll look too “manly”. Add a belt to look more feminine or skip it and add heels. It’s the way you carry the piece, not the piece carries you.


Next time you go shopping try to hit the vintage store a you’ll see how much treasure is in there!

And don’t forget to let me know what you found 😉

Have a fab evening!


OUTFIT: jackat & shirt – vintage, belt – bought in Shanghai, bag – Pinko, jeans – Zara, sneakers – Novesta Marathon

Photo by Jozef Krovina & Dominik Babušík

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