Colourful Summer With Cuplé

How would you describe your Summer?

Mine is mostly about adventures, trips and long nights drinking cold chardonnay on a terrace with my good friends. In my case it is also about colours and comfortable-but-stylish clothes. My Summer outfits are more simple, yet they make a bigger statement that the winter ones. All you need during this hot period is one piece of clothing and your are all set .. (even going commando! lol) I love to wear statement pieces during the hot months, I always associate them with a certain trip, people or experience of that Summer. But where to get them? That is my every year’s struggle!

A breath of fresh air has arrived to Slovakia’s fashion scene. A Spanish brand Cuplé has decided to open their first store in central Europe and they have chosen Bratislava! This family company has started their business in 1987. That’s when Antonia Pastor, the founder of Cuplé has opened her first store in Alicante – home of the Spanish leather industries, with the backing of a family that has worked in the shoe business for over 3 generations. Today her brand is considered one of the top 10 companies of the Spanish shoe industry. Boom!

A few years later the brand decided to complement the leather accessories with a clothing line – which I must say is exactly to my liking. All the pieces are made in very limited amounts and even the brand having over 100 stores around the world, there is still a small chance, that your neighbour will end up in the same dress (allelujah!)

Bold colors, original cuts, but also some classic daytime or evening pieces .. I am all over this! I’m obviously not the only one as the Spanish royal family is a big fan of the brand as well. Even top magazines such as Vogue and Elle has recommended Cuplé as a must-have and I have no other choice than to agree. It is one of the very few stores in Bratislava where you can dress yourself head to toe for pretty much any occasion without meeting another woman in the exact same outfit. Every woman’s dream come true 😉

I am very stoked to be the first blogger in Slovakia to announce these great fashion news and to show you just a few pieces out of Cuplé’s SS17 collection. There is way way more waiting for you at the store in Aupark Bratislava or on their website. I hope you will find just as many fabulous and exciting statement pieces for your Summer adventures just as I did!



Art Direction & Production – Jana Tomas
Assistant – Ivana Krajcovicova

In collaboration with Cuplé Slovakia <3

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