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About a month ago I have received an invitation from MAC Cosmetics to attend MB Prague Fashion Week. It’s a must-go of every blogger and many of them were naturally there. The invite though was not only to attend the first day of MBPFW, but also a VIP pass backstage.

After my arrival to Hotel Josef downtown Prague I had about an hour to get ready. Luckily I didn’t have to care about makeup, since they took us to the MAC store to have it done by professionals. After an hour of beautifying we returned back to the shows and walked right into MAC Backstage.

janatini-mac-backstage-mbpfw-prague-fashion-week-fw1718-jana-tomas-1 janatini-mac-backstage-mbpfw-prague-fashion-week-fw1718-jana-tomas-3janatini-mac-backstage-mbpfw-prague-fashion-week-fw1718-jana-tomas-12janatini-mac-backstage-mbpfw-prague-fashion-week-fw1718-jana-tomas-13janatini-mac-backstage-mbpfw-prague-fashion-week-fw1718-jana-tomas-14janatini-mac-backstage-mbpfw-prague-fashion-week-fw1718-jana-tomas-10janatini-mac-backstage-mbpfw-prague-fashion-week-fw1718-jana-tomas-9

I’ve been backstage of shows dozens of times in the past 20 years, but this was different. A team of top make-up artists travels from one fashion metropole to another to bring every main fashion week’s make-up to a perfection. The MAC director and their team receives photos of their collection and then they create looks for every show. To be backstage of Prague main catwalks was magical and surprisingly calm. It was so perfectly organised, it almost looked suspicious! No chaos, noise or shouting (oh yes there is nornaly a lot of shouting backstage!) We got there just before the NEHERA show and I tried to shoot as many photos as possible.



I’ve discovered this brand about a year ago. Czech-slovakian designer trio creates authentic pieces always inspired by something unique. Edgy styling, statement accessories and clean lines are very much my aesthetics so you’ll understand when I tell you that I barely breathed not to miss anything during the whole show. Bravo!

janatini-mac-backstage-mbpfw-prague-fashion-week-fw1718-jana-tomas-23 janatini-mac-backstage-mbpfw-prague-fashion-week-fw1718-jana-tomas-25 janatini-mac-backstage-mbpfw-prague-fashion-week-fw1718-jana-tomas-29janatini-mac-backstage-mbpfw-prague-fashion-week-fw1718-jana-tomas-27 janatini-mac-backstage-mbpfw-prague-fashion-week-fw1718-jana-tomas-21janatini-mac-backstage-mbpfw-prague-fashion-week-fw1718-jana-tomas-20janatini-mac-backstage-mbpfw-prague-fashion-week-fw1718-jana-tomas-22 janatini-mac-backstage-mbpfw-prague-fashion-week-fw1718-jana-tomas-48janatini-mac-backstage-mbpfw-prague-fashion-week-fw1718-jana-tomas-28 janatini-mac-backstage-mbpfw-prague-fashion-week-fw1718-jana-tomas-35janatini-mac-backstage-mbpfw-prague-fashion-week-fw1718-jana-tomas-47 janatini-mac-backstage-mbpfw-prague-fashion-week-fw1718-jana-tomas-26


Another triumph of a Slovak brand (also with Czech & Slovak team) at MBPFW. It’s no secret that NEHERA does not design for a local market, where it’s not really understood. Their new collection carries asymmetrical oversized pieces with a clear signature of Samuel Drir, their main designer. The main focus is on high quality materials that really stand out thanks to the clean lines and perfect tailoring. 

janatini-mac-backstage-mbpfw-prague-fashion-week-fw1718-jana-tomas-40janatini-mac-backstage-mbpfw-prague-fashion-week-fw1718-jana-tomas-44 janatini-mac-backstage-mbpfw-prague-fashion-week-fw1718-jana-tomas-39 janatini-mac-backstage-mbpfw-prague-fashion-week-fw1718-jana-tomas-41janatini-mac-backstage-mbpfw-prague-fashion-week-fw1718-jana-tomas-42janatini-mac-backstage-mbpfw-prague-fashion-week-fw1718-jana-tomas-34janatini-mac-backstage-mbpfw-prague-fashion-week-fw1718-jana-tomas-43 janatini-mac-backstage-mbpfw-prague-fashion-week-fw1718-jana-tomas-45 janatini-mac-backstage-mbpfw-prague-fashion-week-fw1718-jana-tomas-36 janatini-mac-backstage-mbpfw-prague-fashion-week-fw1718-jana-tomas-32 janatini-mac-backstage-mbpfw-prague-fashion-week-fw1718-jana-tomas-37

DAY ONE of Prague Fashion week ended sooner than I realised. After the last show we were invited to have dinner with the PR coordinator Gabriela and MAC Director Aimee Frost. Great day has ended with a perfect dinner and I rolled into bed right after because six hours later I was already in the car on the way to Bratislava. It was extremely exhausting week but I would do it again tomorrow in a heart beat!

All photos are mine.

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