Donna Rosi FW16/17 – Backstage



If you ever wondered what the backstage of the show looks like, this is it.
Chaos, mess and noise.
I love capturing the backstage atmosphere and I do so every season for Donna Rosi.
This years collection is full of rich colors, but there are also some pretty pastels. They focus on business fashion but you can also find some casual pieces as well as tailor made. They custom make all my crazy fashion ideas! They also make my simple shirts with a stiff collar, which are impossible to get in this big fashion village ..

Enjoy the photos and have a great weekend loves!



donna-rosi-fw16-backstage-janatini-37 donna-rosi-fw16-backstage-janatini-29 donna-rosi-fw16-backstage-janatini-36 donna-rosi-fw16-backstage-janatini-35 donna-rosi-fw16-backstage-janatini-34 donna-rosi-fw16-backstage-janatini-30donna-rosi-fw16-backstage-janatini-32 donna-rosi-fw16-backstage-janatini-28 donna-rosi-fw16-backstage-janatini-27 donna-rosi-fw16-backstage-janatini-26 donna-rosi-fw16-backstage-janatini-25 donna-rosi-fw16-backstage-janatini-21 donna-rosi-fw16-backstage-janatini-19donna-rosi-fw16-backstage-janatini-18donna-rosi-fw16-backstage-janatini-22 donna-rosi-fw16-backstage-janatini-14 donna-rosi-fw16-backstage-janatini-15 donna-rosi-fw16-backstage-janatini-16 donna-rosi-fw16-backstage-janatini-20 donna-rosi-fw16-backstage-janatini-17 donna-rosi-fw16-backstage-janatini-23 donna-rosi-fw16-backstage-janatini-31 donna-rosi-fw16-backstage-janatini-13 donna-rosi-fw16-backstage-janatini-11 donna-rosi-fw16-backstage-janatini-12 donna-rosi-fw16-backstage-janatini-10 donna-rosi-fw16-backstage-janatini-8 donna-rosi-fw16-backstage-janatini-9 donna-rosi-fw16-backstage-janatini-4 donna-rosi-fw16-backstage-janatini-7 donna-rosi-fw16-backstage-janatini-38


All photos are mine

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