Svadba V Stodole – BACKSTAGE

A few months a go I have worked on photoshoot for a Slovak fashion magazine on the most beautiful location. We were shooting a wedding editorial consisting mostly out of Slovak designers inspired by our traditions (see the full editorial HERE ). Besides being the stylist I was
also (as usual) the backstage photographer and hence the shooting was some time ago, I got to edit the photos just now. It’s always a pleasure to work on a beautiful and inspiring location, as Svadba v stodole (Hayloft wedding) is. The project has been started by Petra Wolfert, who is also the decorator here and you have to admit she did a fantastic job. There wasn’t one thing I didn’t want to take home! All I can say – I love my job <3

svadba-v-stodole-backstage-by-janatini-29svadba-v-stodole-backstage-by-janatini-2svadba-v-stodole-backstage-by-janatini-28svadba-v-stodole-backstage-by-janatini-1svadba-v-stodole-backstage-by-janatini-7 svadba-v-stodole-backstage-by-janatini-5svadba-v-stodole-backstage-by-janatini-3 svadba-v-stodole-backstage-by-janatini-4svadba-v-stodole-backstage-by-janatini-8 svadba-v-stodole-backstage-by-janatini-6 svadba-v-stodole-backstage-by-janatini-10svadba-v-stodole-backstage-by-janatini-9 svadba-v-stodole-backstage-by-janatini-11 svadba-v-stodole-backstage-by-janatini-15svadba-v-stodole-backstage-by-janatini-12 svadba-v-stodole-backstage-by-janatini-27svadba-v-stodole-backstage-by-janatini-25svadba-v-stodole-backstage-by-janatini-16 svadba-v-stodole-backstage-by-janatini-26svadba-v-stodole-backstage-by-janatini-17 svadba-v-stodole-backstage-by-janatini-18 svadba-v-stodole-backstage-by-janatini-20svadba-v-stodole-backstage-by-janatini-19 svadba-v-stodole-backstage-by-janatini-21 svadba-v-stodole-backstage-by-janatini-22 svadba-v-stodole-backstage-by-janatini-24svadba-v-stodole-backstage-by-janatini-23 svadba-v-stodole-backstage-by-janatini-30


Photos by Jana Tomas
Decoration – Petra Wolfert
Location – Svadba v stodole 

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  1. Jana
    6 years ago

    Krásné fotky a úplně celé to muselo být kouzelné 🙂


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