Novesta X Modrotlac

When I was little, all we wanted were things from abroad – music, sweets, fashion. The stuff made here (in former Czechoslovakia) was boring and everyone wore the same thing. Everyone in kindergarten was jealous of my fancy little dresses from Paris and when I showed up in high school in a Kurt Cobain knitted sweater, I became the IT girl. All we wanted was to leave this limited little country and see the world. We started wearing American brands, lived in a small flat with friends and were ready to concur the world.

The years went by and we realised that home IS the place to be. We understood that stuff made abroad is not necessarily the best and that you can find fine pieces over here too.


Novesta is a Slovak brand making shoes since 1939 and it’s one of our fashion treasures. They keep the original way of production, their shoes are handmade, eco friendly and most importantly – their soles have a support! I own several pairs, but this one is really something. It’s made out of blueprint – traditional way of making fabric using original methods since 18th century – and they made only 300 pairs. The print of the fabric was carefully selected by the only certified blueprinter in Slovakia – Matej Rabada and Novesta’s designer. It’s very subtle, soft, matching with everything. Perfect.


Home should be a place we love coming back to. Home is our family, love and traditions. Thats why I shot these photos in my parents house, on stairs where I used to slide as little and put shoes on every morning. Shot by my dad <3

Have a great Sunday loves,

Jana xo

A takto sa tieto klenoty vyrábajú / Making of video


Photo by Bobo Tomas


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  1. Dasa
    4 years ago

    Super vyzera aj ten cerveny sveter,ale nikde sa nespomina znacka.
    Da sa zohnat momentalne v obchodoch?


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