Fashion LIVE! 2016 – day 1


My favourite fashion event of the year. Fashion LIVE! a.k.a. Slovak Fashion Week was the centre of my attention during the previous days and I wouldn’t miss it for anything. A lot of inspiration, breathtaking shows and original street style, that’s how I would describe the first day of Fashion LIVE!

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My original plan was to see all the shows and visit all the showrooms. Plans are (sometimes) meant to be broken and I managed to miss the first two shows. There was a lot happening and finally I got to see all my fashionista friends, that I haven’t seen for weeks or even months. It was a fantastic refresh of old acquaintanceships and the perfect update of local fashion.

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The first show I saw that day was by the designer duo Dana Voda & Boris Hanečka. Rozbora Couture showed their amazingly elegant formal pieces and Marks & Spencer spiced up their show with dancers. The real peak of day one was the grand show by Marcel Holubec W. The veteran of Slovak fashion scene divided his show into two parts: the first – more wearable collection inspired by Paris and second – more artistic, performed by ballet dancers from Slovak National Theatre. It took our breath away and naturally Marcel got standing ovations at the end.

fashion-live-2016-den-1-janatini-jana-tomas-16 fashion-live-2016-den-1-janatini-jana-tomas-17 fashion-live-2016-den-1-janatini-jana-tomas-40 fashion-live-2016-den-1-janatini-jana-tomas-18 fashion-live-2016-den-1-janatini-jana-tomas-26 fashion-live-2016-den-1-janatini-jana-tomas-19 fashion-live-2016-den-1-janatini-jana-tomas-28 fashion-live-2016-den-1-janatini-jana-tomas-24 fashion-live-2016-den-1-janatini-jana-tomas-23fashion-live-2016-den-1-janatini-jana-tomas-29 fashion-live-2016-den-1-janatini-jana-tomas-25 fashion-live-2016-den-1-janatini-jana-tomas-30fashion-live-2016-den-1-janatini-jana-tomas-27 fashion-live-2016-den-1-janatini-jana-tomas-32 fashion-live-2016-den-1-janatini-jana-tomas-22fashion-live-2016-den-1-janatini-jana-tomas-31 fashion-live-2016-den-1-janatini-jana-tomas-33 fashion-live-2016-den-1-janatini-jana-tomas-35



Goosebumps and joy – thats how I would describe the first day of Fashion LIVE!.
Report from the other days as well as my outfits are coming up tomorrow 🙂

Have a great Sunday loves!

Jana xo


Photos by Jana Tomas & Jozef Krovina




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