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To be in Bali and not visit Ubud is like you’ve never been to Bali. This city is considered to be the cultural heart of Bali and it has a lot to offer.
Monkey forrest sanctuary, rice fields, the palace that is a home to the royal family of Ubud, incredible tasty food and a lot of green. It’s located in the centre of the island far from the loud nightlife and beaches. It’s becoming more and more popular every year and not only because if the feature in Eat Pray Love book/movie.
This is a place where you wanna spend a few days to really get to know it well and soak up the atmosphere. I spent only a few hours here but made the best out it.


This is the primary stop of every tourist and the most visited spot in Ubud. This extremely large forrest area hides hundreds of monkeys. You really need to be careful with your stuff – like your sunnies – because they will swing by, grab it and run away! Some of them are more friendly than others. There is a few dollars entry fee but the experience is worth every penny.

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Even though the city centre is filled with restos and bars, there is no nightlife. They turn off the music at 1030 pm and you can still enjoy your drink, but in silence. Along with restos there are plenty of shops offering a great selection of souvenirs, accessories and lumak coffee. I even got a package for myslef.

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Ubud je jednoznačne miesto, kam by som sa vrátila minimálne na týždeň. Asi by tomu predchádzalo 7 dní niekde v oblasti Seminyiak pri plážach a beach baroch, v ruke koktejlík s papierovou umbrellkou a do toho jemný beat of house music. Týždeň na to strávený v obklopení absolútnej zelene s prebúdzajúcimi sa zvukmi prírody a hodinami stráveými cvičením jogy je určite niečo, kvôli čomu sa rozhodne oplatí vrátiť.

Ubud is definitely a place to come back to for at least a week. I’m sure there would be a party week somewhere in Seminyiak prior to that enjoing the sands, beach clubs holding a margarite while listening to sexy house beats. A week spent in a green forrest, waking up to the sounds of nature and hours spent meditating and doing yoga is definitely something worth coming back to.

Sunset in Denpasar / Západ slnka v Denpasar

All photos taken by me / Všetky fotky som fotila ja


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