Happy New Year!


It’s the last day of the year and like everyone else, I am doing a summary of my 2015. It was one of the best years I have to say – especially career wise. I got to the point where I have been trying to get for the last few years, I got some amazing collaborations and discovered passions for new things I didn’t know I had. 
I also had my first surgery ever and I spent the whole Summer in bed – found out who really is my friend in hard times and who isn’t. I had plenty of time to think about where I want to go and I know I made the right move. It’s important to not look back and I look forward to the next year as I have HUGE plans for 2016!!
Have a great night guys and no matter where or how you celebrate, it’s important to spend it with your best friends or people you love!
Jana xx

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Betty & Me – Mohito
Igor –  Varsity Project

Photo by Michal Babcan

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