Sneakers with a dress? Yes.

I remember seeing a documentary veeery long time ago about women in New York – they go to to work all dressed up  –  wearing sneakers. They were asked whether they don’t mind that it is a terribile combination and obviously they didn’t mind with all that public transport in the
mornings. As soon as they get there they changed to high heels, as sport shoes were unacceptable to pair with a dress (or wear at work for that matter)
But is it, still? Times have changed and now if you are careful and creative enough, you can work your sneakers into the outfit the way it does not scream “sport” (well thats kinda hard with a NIke swoosh on the shoe but you know what I mean, ha). Canvas sneakers work the best, or street style sneakers made out of fabric can actually transform the outfit and make it less ordinary. Try it! Wear a dress with sneakers next time to work and see what your colleagues will say. Do it for style, not out of lazyness to wear heels – a woman should never neglect a good high heel shoe, your male audience (and not only them) will appreciate it and you will look and feel like a million dollars 😉



coat / kabát – mango
dress – šaty – lindex
belt / opasok – lindex 
bag / kabelka – furla 
sunglasses / okuliare – aldo
tights / pančuchy – calzedonia
sneakers / tenisky – Nike (

Photo by Igor Kovacs

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Posted on November 15, 2014

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